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Exploring Barbados

mff • 3 minutes read • February 15th, 2017
The Caribbean Islands all look more or less the same: there's an endless celebration of life everywhere.
1exploring-barbados.jpg2exploring-barbados.jpg3exploring-barbados.jpg4exploring-barbados.jpgHere are the local animals. Our children liked them a lot:
5exploring-barbados.jpgUsually, the local men carry machete.
6exploring-barbados.jpgThere's social inequality everywhere (although favorable climate softens the situation).
7exploring-barbados.jpgThe tourists like visiting local bars, where one can drink some margarita, enjoy the views of the sandy beach, listen to the surf and a DJ.
8exploring-barbados.jpg9exploring-barbados.jpgAs everywhere in the Caribbean, the rain forest has not been preserved (because the forest was cut out during the boom of the sugar cane industry) but the towers of mills for sugar cane have been preserved.
10exploring-barbados.jpgHere's a typical view: dreadlocks and coconuts :)
11exploring-barbados.jpgMysterious herbs are sold on the street.
12exploring-barbados.jpg13exploring-barbados.jpg14exploring-barbados.jpg15exploring-barbados.jpgTaro root is grown throughout the tropical zone:
16exploring-barbados.jpg17exploring-barbados.jpg18exploring-barbados.jpg Author: mff
Source: 2f.ru
Translated by:

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