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Fairbanks - Polar Gates Of Alaska

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • April 26th, 2016
The nights here are "white": 


is located at a latitude to the north of Karelia. Today is our last evening in Alaska - it would be wrong to spend it at the hotel, moreover, the town is just 3 miles (6 km)away from the "Princess Hotel" - not a great distance for an enthusiast! An hour's walk and I'm on the spot! Here's how the provincial Fairbanks looks at night, almost polar night.

And the first thing I came across was this monument. "Alaska - Siberia - WWII" - wow, how interesting! However, let me tell you about this monument during my description of the next day, which will be more beneficial.

Time for me to go home - good lighting at night but we are still 3 miles (6 km) from the hotel by foot. On the way back I took pictures of the deserted highway at night and one of the many paddle boats on the 

Chena River.

Tomorrow I'll have free time in Fairbanks, after which we'll say goodbye to Alaska and begin our journey out of these amazing and distant lands.
The final day of our stay in Alaska came - at 9 pm our with Delta Airlines will leave Fairbanks and take us to Minneapolis, located on the Mississippi River, in the heart of the United States. The hotel is situated very close to the airport and the bus for the passengers of our flight departs from the hotel at 7.30. However this day can not help but be a little scattered and I can't avoid feeling antsy. After sleeping and collecting my things, I finally decided to go once more to Fairbanks, 3 miles (6 km) away. It is a small town and I managed to visit almost everything last night, however, we should look at Fairbanks during the day, not just during the polar night.
This is the courtyard of our hotel:

"Princess Hotel" is located in a cozy village on the banks of the Chena river:

And this is Fairbanks - the entrance to the town's park is decorated with deer antlers:

Here's the unusual monument that I saw last night. It is dedicated to the Soviet-American military cooperation during the Second World War and, particularly, to one of the well-known routes of the Lend-Lease - "Alaska-Siberia". 7925 aircrafts were transferred through it from America to the USSR during the war. But pay attention to the photo: to the left of the photo is the Russian pilot, to the right is the pilot from the US. The American pilot has a much more active stance and appears more aggressive.Leading the Russian soldier to victory over the common enemy!

It really reminded me of the monument of the meeting of Soviet and American troops in Washington - though it's not surprising - we are in America!
We continue to walk through Fairbanks - here's the local church (

Immaculate Conception Church


Here is a marker of distances to different countries all over the world. It's funny that the distance from here to Moscow is closer than to New York. However, if it's measured over the North Pole, then it's probably true.

Here are some more photos of the circumpolar town stretching along the banks of the Chena River, not far from its confluence with the Tanana River.

Meanwhile, it's time to go back to the hotel; the plane will take off soon. At 9.00 the Boeing-757-232 N692DL from "Delta Airlines" left Alaska and we waved goodbye from the wing as it headed towards the south-east. It would be a 5-hour trip to Minneapolis. During that time, we will cross Canada and half of America. If before this we were gradually moving farther and farther away from civilization for the last two weeks, then now we are rapidly heading back.
Author: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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