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Fairy Magic Kingdom Of Disney World. P1

wwworld • 5 minutes read • November 30th, 2016
In this review, I'm going to talk about our visit to the 

Magic Kingdom Theme Park

, one of the parks in 

Disney World



, Florida.
Disney World consists of several parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Tickets can be bought for any number of days. Every day you can visit one park. A ticket for one day cost $89 (as of 2013), for two days - $176, and for three days about $240, and only on the fourth day are there more or less tangible discounts. That pleasure was not cheap.

We visited two parks: Magic Kingdom, the most popular and recognizable among other theme Disney's parks, and Epcot, about which I wrote a separate review. Magic Kingdom steadily holds first place among the world's most visited theme parks. Every year, more than 17 million people visit it. That's about 50,000 people a day! 
We rented a car to get to Magic Kingdom. Parking cost $14 (as of 2013) per day, without a time limit. The parking is organized perfectly: there were a lot of places and specially trained people who directed the flow of traffic, filling the parking lot gradually from the beginning.
But the park was still far away. To get Magic Kingdom from the parking lot, we had to take a ferry across the lake, or go by monorail. It's free. We chose the ferry.
Going by ferry, you can enjoy the park surrounding Disney's resorts.
1fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThere's Cinderella Castle, which has become the symbol of Disney World.
2fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgHere, we arrived in Magic Kingdom.
3fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg4fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThe park consists of four main parts (zones): Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Each zone has 4-5 major amusements and a few extra ones.
This is Robinson's dwelling:
5fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgHere's Aladdin's magic carpet ride:
6fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThis is a show about tropic birds, for very young children:
7fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThese are Pirates of the Caribbean:
8fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg9fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg10fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg11fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgIt took three hours to visit at least half the amusements in each zone. You can spend about one hour standing in line to visit the most popular amusements. At the entrance, there's an electronic board, indicating the wait time in minutes.
But using the ticket's Fast Pass system, you can avoid these lines. Fast Passes are available for 2-3 rides in each zone. You can get them through special vending machines located near the entrance of the rides.
12fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgYou need to put your ticket to the park (a plastic card) into a machine that automatically prints a Fast Pass. It allows you to go on rides without waiting in line, but only during certain, specified time intervals. For example, I received a Fast Pass at about 11 a.m. It gave me the right to pass a 2 hour line for a ride.
Although, you cannot buy all the Fast Passes at once. Everything is controlled automatically.
In the park, you can find cartoon characters, and, of course, be photographed with them.
13fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgOn this ride, we sailed through the jungle. 
14fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg15fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg16fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg17fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgAfter Adventureland, we went to Tomorrowland.
18fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg19fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgAs for me, the Space Mountain ride was the worst, among others. You are placed in a small trailer and ride in total darkness. The trailer accelerates to breakneck speed, constantly turning from side to side.
20fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThere were smoother amusement rides in Fantasyland.
21fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg22fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg23fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgOn one of the rides, the passengers sail through "different countries" where the "residents" dance and sing folk songs.
24fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg25fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg26fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg27fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg28fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgTime flies at Magic Kingdom.
Here you can find the next part of this review.
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