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Fairy Magic Kingdom Of Disney World. P2

wwworld • 3 minutes read • November 30th, 2016
Time flies at 

Magic Kingdom

I'll continue my review about our visit to the Disney Theme Park near 


. Here you can find the first part.
29fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgWe went by shells to the underwater world of The Little Mermaid:
30fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg31fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg32fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgHere's the castle from Beauty and the Beast:
33fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg34fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg35fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg36fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgWhen darkness fell, the Disney castle was illuminated:
37fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThere was an Electric Parade every day at 7 p.m. in 

Magic Kingdom

. It is better to come at about 6 p.m. to find a good spot with the view of the castle and the parade. We were late, arriving at 6.20 p.m., when the Main Street and the whole square in front of the castle was already crowded.
38fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg39fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg40fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg41fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg42fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg43fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg44fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg45fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgThe parade lasted about half an hour.
After the parade, there was a colorful show, where the castle was used as a screen. The fireworks started at 8 p.m.​
46fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg47fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg48fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg49fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg50fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg51fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg52fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpg53fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgAfter the fireworks, we went to our car and drove through Downtown Disney​ to take a walk along the promenade and visit the biggest Disney gift shop.
54fairy-magic-kingdom-of-disney-world.jpgNow I'll talk about the Epcot Disney Theme Park.
Author:  wwworld
Source:  wwworld.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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