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Fairy-Tale Moments of Christmas on a Cruise Ship

5 minutes read • December 20th, 2019
“All I want for Christmas is you...” Well, and a cruise, of course. A Christmas cruise.
At this festive time, cruise ships become even more beautiful, people become even happier, the atmosphere becomes even more heartwarming, and adventures – even more exciting.

Christmas on a cruise ship

is a very special moment, and today we’re going to confirm this.
Christmas on a cruise ship
© Public domain/Pixabay

Christmas on a cruise is an excellent opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with your family and friends.

Публикация от Andrew Trigg (@triggypiggy)

Christmas is in every detail.

Публикация от Anna Dama (@anna.dama17)

A snowman on the cruise looks like this:

Публикация от Rona Slaton (@ronaraw)

Or even like this...
Somewhere in Castaway Cay

Captain Kate McCue is ready for Christmas. And what about you?

It’s brilliant! “Merry Cruise-mas!”

It’s like we can hear the melody of Christmas when we are looking at this photo.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere - from Castaway Cay...

...to Australia

By the way, what is the best destination for the Christmas cruise, in your opinion?

Christmas gives us a chance to become kids again.

Публикация от Kristine (@krizann)

There are never too many Christmas trees on the ship.

And never too many Christmas decorations.

Christmas cruise is very romantic, cozy, and amazing.

And it’s always full of fairy-tale moments.

Yes, that’s exactly what the Christmas cruise looks like, and it’s really incredible.

What is your perfect Christmas? Would you like to spend it on the cruise?
By the way, you can check several inspiring Christmas stories by cruise travelers via this link.

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