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Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth is a town in Jamaica.


, Jamaica is Royal Caribbean International's newest cruise port, being the first ever thematic cruise port destination. Falmouth is located in between two popular tourist destinations in Jamaica, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios. Falmouth was founded in 1769 and its waterfront district is a National Heritage Site that contains many Georgian-era buildings dating from the 1760s to 1840. In the 1800s Falmouth was known as "the wealthiest New World Port south of Charleston." It was known for its wharf, sugar, rum, and coffee. They used the port to export many goods and to bring in African slaves and other fine goods to serve the colonial... Read more

Falmouth, Jamaica


Falmouth is a town in Jamaica.


, Jamaica is Royal Caribbean International's newest cruise port, being the first ever thematic cruise port destination. Falmouth is located in between two popular tourist destinations in Jamaica, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios. Falmouth was founded in 1769 and its waterfront district is a National Heritage Site that contains many Georgian-era buildings dating from the 1760s to 1840. In the 1800s Falmouth was known as "the wealthiest New World Port south of Charleston." It was known for its wharf, sugar, rum, and coffee. They used the port to export many goods and to bring in African slaves and other fine goods to serve the colonial life of the 18th century. Falmouth was one of Jamaica's original ports and 200 years ago was one of the busiest trading ports in the Caribbean. Falmouth is located in the Trelawney Parish which was the most important region of Jamaica for the sugar and rum trade at the time. The town has a rich heritage with many historic buildings and churches.
Jamaica and

Royal Caribbean

have been working together in revitalizing and transforming the town of Falmouth to be the first ever historic destination. Due to hundreds of years of tropical heat and humidity, hurricanes, and neglect the town of Falmouth has seen this region of Jamaica suffer. Royal Caribbean and other agencies are working to restore Falmouth and the historical buildings to become historical attractions. It is also being transformed into a host city for the growing cruise industry. This port will accommodate many

Royal Caribbean cruise ships

along with the Oasis of the Seas, which is one of the world’s newest and largest cruise ships. Falmouth is the gateway to all of the best tour experiences on the north coast of Jamaica.


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Falmouth, Jamaica: Port Information

Your cruise ship will dock at the port. Everything is within walking distance. Besides, you can take a shuttle bus or a taxi.
A reggae band will welcome you with a beautiful song. 

Get around Falmouth, Jamaica

Shuttles and taxis are available from the cruise port if you wish to go shopping or exploring on your own.

Here there are some companies that offer private transportation:

  • Falmouth Private Van
  • Private Driver Tours
  • Falmouth Private Port Taxis
  • Falmouth Jamaica Excursions

What to see in Falmouth, Jamaica

Walk through the Historical District to see the 19th-century Georgian architecture and learn about all of the history of the buildings from the 18th century that are still intact. Visit the town squares, houses of famous historians, churches, and parks to be fully educated about all the historic events that happened in the early 18th and 19th centuries.

Since Falmouth is a newer cruise port, many excursions take place just a short distance away from Falmouth. You can also book a shore excursion that will take you to beautiful beaches outside of Falmouth, in Ocho Rios or Montego Bay.

What to do in Falmouth, Jamaica

Good Hope Great House - located fifteen minutes outside of Falmouth. It is one of the most sought after great houses of the 18th Century that used to be a Jamaican plantation. It contains many amazing views of the Queen of Spain Valley and Cockpit mountains. Guests can choose from the new horse and carriage ride, river tubing, ATW exploring, and other fun activities.

Rafting on Martha Brae - Take a raft ride on a 30-foot bamboo raft that can be either romantic or adventurous down the Martha Brae River. The raft captain will guide you down, explaining some of the island's tropical scenery. The water in the river is very clear. After the trip is over, those who rode the rafts may buy drinks and souvenirs at a shop there.

Falmouth Heritage Walking Tours

Learn about the following places in the Historic District:
Town Hall and Courthouse - Here you can learn about the legal and political parts of Falmouth. You can see the courthouse which burnt down in 1926 but was remade in 2007 to look just like the Georgian inspired one that was built in 1815. This courthouse was also used as a social venue to hold balls and banquets for the elite in the 18th century.
The Barrett House - is the historical house of Edward Barrett who was one of the city's founding fathers. His family developed half of Falmouth. The house sits across the street from the Barrett Wharf, which is one of the major points for ships to offload. He was a wealthy plantation owner and also the great-grandfather of the famous 19th-century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
The Tharp House - is the historical house of John Tharp who was once one of the wealthiest men in Jamaica. His house included his own wharf where ships arrived, carrying merchandise and slaves while other ships sailed off to England, transporting sugar and coffee grown on his plantation.
The Pottery House - look at the unique pottery and watch the work of the residential potter.
Vermont House - the building now serves as the Falmouth Post Office.
St. Peter's Anglican Church - is one of the best examples of the Georgian style architecture in Falmouth. It was built in the 1700s; it was the first sanctuary built in Falmouth. It is one of the island's largest Anglican churches that remains on the island. It is on land donated by John Tharpe and Edward Barrett. The Anglican church was a religious center for the town's gentiles.
William Knibb Baptist Church - built in 1947 in honor of the Baptist minister and abolitionist William Knibb, he served as the pastor of the church from 1830 until his death in 1845. The Baptists were one of the most popular Christian denominations for slaves and freedmen in the 19th century.

What to eat and drink in Falmouth, Jamaica


Experience the culture of Jamaica by sampling their famous cuisine. Jamaica is known for its signature dish, Jerk Pork or Chicken, and the island's naturally grown fruits. The cuisine is a mix of Western African, English, East Indian, French, and Chinese with a touch of Spanish. Falmouth is famous for its variety of jerk recipes that are cooked locally. There are over 300 variations of the jerk recipes. Try shrimp, lobster, chicken, and pork jerk to experience the signature foods of the city. Fruit goes great with your jerk foods. Sample the local fruits such as the ackee, breadfruit and star apple. Curried Goat, Callaloo and Salt-fish are also popular dishes. A popular dessert is called Blue Draws, sometimes called Duckunoos, which is a dessert brought over by the slaves of West Africa. It is a combination of sweet potatoes, coconut, bananas, vanilla, and brown sugar that is cooked into a thick puddling and tied in banana leaves and boiled.


The national beer of Jamaica is Red Stripe Beer. Ting Ginger beer is also popular.
Dragon Stout is also made in Jamaica. Not as strongly flavored as many US stouts but very drinkable.

Shopping in Falmouth, Jamaica

Falmouth is home to many local merchants, artisans and local planters who have a variety of unique products to sell. You can find produce and many native products, such as local craftwork, that make great souvenirs. Many vendors offer handmade arts and crafts, jewellery and paintings, fabrics and clothing that are filled with culture and history. While you’re in the historic district of Falmouth, shopping can be done in Water Square. Famous for its shops, the Albert George Shopping and Historical Centre is in Water Square. The Trading House is also a very popular store where you can purchase authentic artwork. There are also a lot of shops and vendors at the pier and in the open market. Prices at many of these shops are negotiable and you can bargain with the vendors.
The shops in the Royal Caribbean port area of Falmouth offer a variety of items to tourists disembarking their cruise ship. There are many items, such as shirts and bags, of interest to tourists. Also, bottles of liquor are for sale and a number of jewellery shops are in the port area. The jewellery ranges from modest in price to expensive luxury items, though it generally is purported to be less expensive than similar pieces in the United States. Items from sale from Jamaican artisans are more expensive than items outside the port area. The only persons allowed to shop the port area are persons from the cruise ships. Local Jamaicans are kept out; a large iron fence separates the port from the rest of Falmouth and manned checkpoints are used to make certain only cruise passengers are allowed to shop in the port.

Safety in Falmouth, Jamaica

Although Jamaica has a relatively high crime level, Falmouth is safe to visit. Nevertheless, you should use your common sense and take usual precautions. Be polite and respect other people, don’t demonstrate your wealth, take care of your personal belongings.
Street vendors may be a bit annoying – just be polite and keep on walking. 

Language spoken in Falmouth, Jamaica

Jamaican Patois is the most widely spoken language. English is also the official language. 


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