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Family Cruise Vacation: 11 Reasons to Take a Cruise with Your Family

8 minutes read • June 20th, 2018
The long-awaited family vacation is coming! It’s a great opportunity to forget about daily problems and concerns, spend a lot of time together and collect beautiful memories. Are you trying to decide what type of rest to choose? Well, how about a

family cruise vacation

? We have 11 reasons to take a cruise with your nearest and dearest. Let’s check them together!
family cruise vacation
Photo courtesy of Hot Mama Travel 

Planning a family cruise, packing your suitcases, spending time together onboard and ashore, looking at cruise pictures by the fireplace – all of it carries some particular meaning and fills our lives with unforgettable emotions and feelings. Each stage of the cruise vacation is special and absolutely worth going through it together with your family.
We decided to ask frequent cruise travelers about the main reasons to choose the cruise for the family vacation, and that’s what they told us…

1. Joint planning evokes a feeling of excitement
family cruise vacation
Photo courtesy of Hot Mama Travel

“In the cruise planning stages we enjoy going over and dreaming about different cruise itineraries together over dinner, talking about different countries, ports of call and potential excursions,”  Amanda Keeley-Thurman from Hot Mama Travel told CruiseBe. “We watch videos, and we do research together to build up the kid’s excitement and expectations about the cruise. There is a unique excitement in the process of choosing a cruise itinerary for the whole family that is different from charting a road trip route or picking a city to visit for the weekend.”
2. Cruising offers a great balance for a family holiday
family cruise vacation

Photo courtesy of  Itchy Feet Family

Penny Reidy from Itchy Feet Family shared her thoughts on this subject: “You get onboard, unpack once and your hotel floats along with you. The kids get to meet other children and are well looked after in the kids’ clubs, and the adults get to have a balance of family time and adult time. There is no need to cook or clean, and all your food and entertainment is included.” That is, we can define the next reason:

3. Everything is thought out to the very smallest detail
Your stateroom is clean, dinner is prepared, and program of entertainment is ready. There’s no need to plan and take care of something. You simply have to enjoy the moment.

4. Cruises offer entertainment and activities for every age group
family cruise vacation
Photo courtesy of The Common Traveler

“Little ones can participate in group activities with other kids their own age,” Annick Lenoir-Peek from The Common Traveler told us. “Teenagers can hang out in a social club without their parents around. Adults can enjoy anything from bingo to towel animal making to rock climbing. And no matter whether you spend your days together or apart, there’s always the coming back together to eat dinner and share about your day’s adventures!” 

5. Cruises are perfect for traveling in large groups

Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to get your big family together, including relatives who live in other cities or even other countries. Cruise companies offer cabins with several bedrooms accommodating up to 8 vacationers. Besides, you can travel in connecting staterooms.
And, again, cruises have something to offer for guests of all ages. 

6.  You only pay once for all aspects of your vacation
family cruise vacation

Photo courtesy of Frugal For Luxury

“Cruises are all-inclusive,” said Laura Georgieff from Frugal For Luxury. And this is a fact. After all, paying for your vacation once, you get everything you need to enjoy it: adventures in various ports, comfortable accommodation, first-class service, brilliant performance, exciting activities, delicious food, etc. By the way, we would like to cover the latter in a separate paragraph. So…

7. Food on cruise ships is abundant and delicious
Sophisticated and casual, intimate and lively, signature and traditional – cruise ships offer “all-day food offerings including high-end sit-down restaurants,” Laura Georgieff told CruiseBe.
Just think – you can try the cuisine of almost all parts of our planet during your sailing. You can dine with a big party while watching some sporting event or arrange a special family dinner in the cozy atmosphere – well, the choice of dining venues is really wide. And, of course, the number of incredible desserts will surprise even the most sophisticated sweet tooth.

8. Cruising offers a great way to see a wide variety of destinations with ease
family cruise vacation
Photo courtesy of Hot Mama Travel

“Go to sleep in Barcelona, wake up in Monaco!” Penny Reidy said.
“Cruising allows the family to sample a variety of different cultures and places, all in the span of a week or so,” Amanda Keeley-Thurman added.
Besides, cruises are almost the only way to visit certain parts of our planet (for example, the fjords, glaciers, remote islands, etc.).  
9. The family cruise vacation is accessible
“Cruises provide families a safe, self-contained vacation environment that is accessible, making it easy to include family members with disabilities, our parents and grandparents,” that’s what John Morris from said. “Accessible cabins offer features like space for wheelchairs, roll-in showers and grab bars in the bathroom. Elevators between floors make it easy to get from one place to another on the ship. Whether you use a wheelchair, walker, crutches, scooter or cane, there is food, entertainment, and fun to be had by all.” 

10. Special occasion cruising makes family holidays and celebrations even more memorable
family cruise vacation
Photo courtesy of Itchy Feet Family

“Christmas, Easter, New Year. Restaurants and travel are so expensive at that time of year – a cruise provides a great alternative where everything is taken care of,” Penny Reidy told us. “At Christmas, for example, there is no need to cook for the family, rush to the shops for last minute items, or prepare the house for visitors. You simply wake Christmas morning to a ship full of festivities, food, and fun!” 

11. Cruises are one of the most affordable ways to travel and explore the world
family cruise vacation

Photo courtesy of Hot Mama Travel

Amanda Keeley-Thurman is sure: “When you consider the price of a hotel, meals, and entertainment for a week with your family, you will find that cruises are actually a more affordable option. It is a cost-effective way to see certain parts of the world while enjoying the comfort of a stateroom aboard an elegant ship with excellent dining and entertainment for the whole family.” 

As a conclusion, we'd like to quote Louise Sattler from

Cruising as a family allows you an opportunity to “unplug” to the outside world and “plugin” to conversations with your loved ones. It is a wonderful experience.

Probably, it is the most important reason in our list, isn't it?

By the way, it’s so cool to put on unique family cruise shirts, which you prepared especially for this occasion!
We hope you’ve got enough inspiration. We believe that the cruise with kids, parents, sisters and brothers, and other people you care about is an excellent opportunity to discover our world and become even closer.

Do you love to cruise with your family? Please share your pictures and reasons to choose the cruise for the family vacation in the comments!
family cruise vacation
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