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First Impression Of Sydney, Australia

Anich • 3 minutes read • November 22nd, 2016
Having arrived in the city of


, we crossed

Harbour Bridge

. This is a visiting card of the city. The crossing of the bridge is fee-paying.
1first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgWe took a walk around the city.
2first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg3first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg4first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg5first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg6first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg7first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg8first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg9first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg10first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg11first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgWe went to

Sydney Tower

in the city center.
12first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgIt was around 6 p.m. The stores were closing.
13first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgWe were going to ascend this tower and admire the views.
14first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgWe had a tour "Sydney Tower Skywalk" - a walk at an altitude of 268 meters.
The glass floor \was transparent. There was like a precipice under our feet!
15first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgLater, we had dinner at a restaurant of the same tower.
16first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgThere's the Pacific Ocean afar...
17first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg18first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpgBy the way, one can ascend the bridge as well.
19first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg20first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg21first-impressions-of-sydney-australia.jpg Author: Anich
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