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First Impressions Of Miami

Anich • 3 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
Hello to everyone from sunny Florida!
In the evening of the first day of our stay in 


, we took a walk through the city. We watched the fireworks in the square in Downtown. In the end, we went home, and a heavy night rain started.
1first-impressions-of-miami.jpgThe next day we woke up late. So we had little time and took a walk through one area - 

Coconut Grove

. First, we visited 

Villa Vizcaya

(Vizcaya Museum and Gardens). This is a very beautiful place, the villa looks very "European" inside.
2first-impressions-of-miami.jpgIn the evening, we went to Little Havana. We thought it would be cool and fun there, but in fact, it was only a small section of the street, where there were a couple of restaurants and bars (and there were no seats!)...
Author: Anich
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