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Flateyri Village, Iceland

Capi4ca • 2 minutes read • December 18th, 2016
This is a port of 

Flateyri village

in Iceland.
1flateyri-village-iceland.jpgWe started our trip in the morning. It was cloudy.

Flateyri village

is not far from 

Sudureyri village

7flateyri-village-iceland.jpg8flateyri-village-iceland.jpg9flateyri-village-iceland.jpgWe made a stopover near fish drainboards.
10flateyri-village-iceland.jpg11flateyri-village-iceland.jpgThere's Flateyri village ahead.
12flateyri-village-iceland.jpg14flateyri-village-iceland.jpg15flateyri-village-iceland.jpg16flateyri-village-iceland.jpg17flateyri-village-iceland.jpg18flateyri-village-iceland.jpgThis is a port of the village.
19flateyri-village-iceland.jpg20flateyri-village-iceland.jpg21flateyri-village-iceland.jpgThe fish is sorted there immediately.
22flateyri-village-iceland.jpg23flateyri-village-iceland.jpg24flateyri-village-iceland.jpgWe were leaving Flateyri village.
25flateyri-village-iceland.jpg26flateyri-village-iceland.jpgWe drove further.
27flateyri-village-iceland.jpg28flateyri-village-iceland.jpg29flateyri-village-iceland.jpgPingeyri village was seen afar.
30flateyri-village-iceland.jpg Author: Capi4ca
Source: capi4ca.livejournal.com
Translated by:

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