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Florida. Miami and Fort Lauderdale

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • September 6th, 2016
After two days in New York, we arrived in 


 where we were going to start the second part of our New Year's trip - a sea cruise through the Caribbean. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, we didn't walk through the streets, and we looked at Miami from the air and then - from the ship.
Miami is a large city in the southeast of Florida, one of the most popular resort cities in the USA. Having a tropical-temperate climate and a location on the Atlantic coast, it has rapidly grown into a resort area.
Miami is one of the few cities in the world founded by a woman. Julia Tuttle, trying to change her life after the death of her husband, went to the south, to the eternal summer and orange trees. In 1891, she bought a huge plantation of citrus extending her small plot of land that she inherited from her father. In winter of 1894, Florida experienced several unusually cold days and as a result, virtually the entire citrus crop was destroyed. Miami area turned out to be the only area that was not affected by frost, and Tuttle's plantation was the only one that was able to provide the US market with fruits.
Voting on the unification meeting, Miami obtained the status of the city on July 28, 1896. 444 people became first residents of Miami. The current population is about 400 thousand people or 5.4 million people including surrounding areas. The main area of the city is located on the coast of the Bay or on natural or artificial barrier islands in the Bay. The city of 

Miami Beach 

is situated on the largest one. The warm Gulf Stream ocean current flows only 15 miles (24 kilometers) off the coast of Miami making its climate warm and mild.

Fort Lauderdale 

is a resort city on the east coast of South Florida located between the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach. Its population is about 200,000 people. There are more than 4,100 restaurants and 120 nightclubs in Fort Lauderdale and its surroundings.
Fort Lauderdale got its name after a number of forts built by the United States during the Second Seminole War. The forts were named after Major William Lauderdale who commanded the force of soldiers that built the first fort. Fort Lauderdale is sometimes called "Venice of America".
Itineraries of hundreds of sea cruises to nearby regions of the Caribbean, as well as to Europe and to the countries of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, begin in Fort Lauderdale.
Author: River Pilgrim
Source: cruiseinform.ru
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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