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Florida. Sightseeing Flight Over Miami, Miami Beach, Everglades National Park

Anich • 4 minutes read • November 13th, 2016
In the morning we went on a sightseeing flight over 


. It was quite expensive, but it was worth the money.
We flew in a Cessna 172, and the flight took about 40 minutes (it cost $200, as of 2016).
The weather wasn't sunny, although it didn't spoil the impressions.
Yesterday, I took a great variety of beautiful photos, but this one is my favorite:  
1florida-sightseeing-flight-over-miami-miami-beach-everglades-national-park.jpgAfter the flight, we went to Miami Beach. Not everyone knows that Miami and Miami Beach are two different cities! For example, I learned about it only through the course of preparation for our trip to Florida. 

Ocean Drive

is a famous street along the ocean in Miami Beach. The street is quite small, less than a mile (1.5 km) long, but the atmosphere is full of holiday fun. On this street, there were houses, mainly hotels, built in a tropical Art Deco style. Here's an example of this style:
2florida-sightseeing-flight-over-miami-miami-beach-everglades-national-park.jpgWe walked along these hotels and finally made it to the long-awaited OCEAN!
The weather was not hot, the sky was overcast, but the water in the Atlantic was still very nice - about +77 F (+25C). The water had a beautiful turquoise color... It was amazing on the beach. We spent about three hours there, and I didn't want to leave :)
Then a tropical downpour started. The rain was pouring down for about 10 minutes.
In the evening, after dinner, we went to Ocean Drive.
We walked along the road, taking pictures of the nightlife in the Homestead Miami harbor. But again, another heavy downpour erupted, so the idea had to be left for another day and better weather.
The next day we went to the beautiful National Park in Florida - the 


In fact, all of South Florida is the Everglades National Park, but instead of a city there are swamps in these areas. Then people started a global campaign to drain the Everglade wetlands, but environmentalists sounded the alarm in time and all activities were stopped.
The Everglades is under restoration. The park has suffered, not only from human hands but by the will of nature as hurricanes occur often.
The Everglades does not have a kind of wild beauty, but it is a place for those who appreciate its pristine nature and love to watch birds. I really liked this place!
We were boating along the canals and natural lakes of the park, walking a variety of hiking trails, we saw a great variety of birds, two alligators in their natural habitat, and most importantly - we saw a manatee! :)
3florida-sightseeing-flight-over-miami-miami-beach-everglades-national-park.jpg Author: Anich
Source: anich.livejournal.com
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