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Flying Over Tahiti

mff • 4 minutes read • March 31st, 2017
I was ready to fly over


on a helicopter, but it turned out that the company that had provided this service was closed as of the time of my visit. I found a paragliding club (!) Aairevasion in a short time. They are completely informal: had no club room, they gather at an agreed time in an agreed cafe, take the equipment and go to the launch pad.
1flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgWe went to the site with the romantic name "600" - crossing the jungle and on the broken country road, in the open body of the pickup (there is one asphalt road in Tahiti - around the island along the shore; in the mountains, there's only dirt road with big inclination uphill, so one can pass it only by car 4 × 4). Passengers need to stand all the way and hold the iron mount-trunk, bashing their heads against the branches or risking to fall out at the turn. Of course, the mount is not designated for passenger transportation, but for cargo that is not fit in the bodywork.
2flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg3flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThe height is 580 meters (Moorea Island is in the background).
4flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThese are the neighboring hang-gliders: they spend more time for the equipment that paragliders do.
5flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgAfter half an hour of fuss with the equipment, it remains to put on the helmet and ahead!
6flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgYou should run fast down the mountain:
7flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg...and then you fly, you hover.
8flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg9flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgA white mark is a take-off place to the left of the center of the photo, just below the high range.
10flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg11flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThe wind was light that day, so it was impossible to fly high. The trees below were so close that I was a little afraid to reach it.
12flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgI was flying about 30 minutes.
13flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThis picture perfectly illustrates the arrangement of


: the narrow coastal strip is all built up with one-storied residential houses of local people, and the mountainous and rugged center of the island is difficult to use.
14flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThe volcano in Tahiti is ribbed:
15flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThose columns of smoke are because of a burning of old coconut (banana and other) plots to plant more young trees in their place.
16flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgCanoes of the Polynesian design (made of modern materials) with a float and without it are still used, roughly like the bicycles in other cities in the world.
17flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThe landing is on the beach - there is a wind cone as at the airport.
18flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgWhen you approach the ground and you start running.
19flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgHowever, you may fall down as I did.
20flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg21flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg22flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg23flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpgThen again we spent for half an hour to assemble the equipment.
24flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg25flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg26flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg27flight-tour-over-tahiti.jpg Author: mff
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