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Fort George

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Fort George is a former fort in Port of Spain, Trinidad, which serves as a museum today.
The place where the fort was built was originally called La Vigie (German: Ausguck). In 1805, the fort was built at this strategic location to defend the island's capital Port of Spain against naval attacks. The construction was carried out by African slaves. A little later, the place was renamed in honor of the then British King George III. Although Trinidad was frequently attacked, its cannons were never shot. 1846, the fort's military use ended.
In 1883, a Victorian-style building was constructed on the grounds of the fort. It served as a signal station.
The fort's restoration began in 1965. A museum depicting the history of the fort was opened. Several cannons from the early 19th century are preserved. Thanks to the fort's location, it also serves as an observation point offering views of Port of Spain, the Caroni Swamp behind it, the northern suburbs of Port of Spain and offshore islands of the Chaguaramas.

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