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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean in the US state of Florida. It is known as the "Venice of America" due to its expansive canal system. Situated in Broward County in South Florida, the city's population is over 170,000.
The city is most famous for its beaches and boats, and while the city of Fort Lauderdale is relatively small in area, the term 'Fort Lauderdale' is often used to refer to the larger metropolis that has grown up around it. It is the county seat for Broward county, and is part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area, which has over 5.5 million people.

The first inhabitants of the land were Seminole Indians who arrived in the 18th century. During the Second Seminole War, Major William Lauderdale led his Tennessee Volunteers into... Read more

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Fort Lauderdale is a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean in the US state of Florida. It is known as the "Venice of America" due to its expansive canal system. Situated in Broward County in South Florida, the city's population is over 170,000.
The city is most famous for its beaches and boats, and while the city of Fort Lauderdale is relatively small in area, the term 'Fort Lauderdale' is often used to refer to the larger metropolis that has grown up around it. It is the county seat for Broward county, and is part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area, which has over 5.5 million people.

The first inhabitants of the land were Seminole Indians who arrived in the 18th century. During the Second Seminole War, Major William Lauderdale led his Tennessee Volunteers into the area and raised New River Fort on the site of the modern city in 1838. In 1893, a young Ohioan named Frank Stranahan arrived and built a house that served as the first trading post, post office, bank and town hall of the area. The house was built near the site of the New River Fort and still stands today as a museum, Stranahan House.
Fort Lauderdale was officially incorporated as a town in 1911, and became the seat of newly formed Broward County. It began as a predominantly agricultural community of dairy farms and citrus groves.
More growth came with the establishment of the Naval Air Station, which is now Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.
The city and its surrounding suburbs experienced tremendous growth following the end of World War II, and the arrival of home air-conditioning. In the 1960s, Fort Lauderdale became the center of Spring Break after the debut of the movie "Where the Boys Are." It is now an anchor of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metropolitan area, the nation's 6th largest metro area.


Fort Lauderdale has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are very humid with temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s lasting into early fall. The city sees most of its rainfall in the summer (the wet season). Winter is warm and mild and mainly dry (the dry season) with mild temperatures that are occasionally broken up by some rain when cold fronts come through.
May to September is the summer wet season. During the summer, it is warm and humid, with the prevailing wind bringing tropical breezes blowing up from the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and equatorial Atlantic. It is often clear and sunny in the mornings but as the land heats up the air rises and the sea breeze kicks in. This brings in more damp moist air from the sea and so by noon it often starts to cloud over, and then there are commonly short showers in the afternoon, which helps to cool the air off for a cooler and generally dryer evening. The Atlantic hurricane season largely occurs from late July through early November, with peak activity generally occurring from mid-August through early October.
Fort Lauderdale, positioned just above the Tropic of Cancer, owes a lot of its winter warmth to the Gulf Stream that runs just a couple of miles off shore. The Gulf Stream brings warm water up from the tropics year-round.
On a typical summer day, the temperature does not get below 75 °F (24 °C). Summer temperatures are commonly in the high 80s to low 90s (30-35 °C), which is often relieved by the sea breeze, which in turn brings some afternoon thunderstorms.
During winter, humidity is significantly lower. The average daily high in the winter is usually between 65 and 75 °F (18-24 °C) and the low normally around 59 °F (15 °C), rarely dipping below 40 °F (4 °C) when a front comes through.
Fort Lauderdale receives abundant rainfall, most of it falling in the summer. The annual total of 63.8 inches (1488 mm) is one of the highest for a U.S. city. This sounds a lot, but it does not rain that much, it's just that when it does rain it really chucks it down, a real tropical downpour.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL: Port Information

Port Everglades, on the south side of the city center, is the most active container port and second most active cruise port in Florida. It supports a high number of cruise ships with about ten thousand passengers arriving and departing each week. Many find Port Everglades somewhat more convenient and economical than Miami to park and stay overnight at local lodging, and then catch a shuttle to/from the ship's terminal. Numerous hotel/motel chains offer park/stay/cruise-shuttle packages. Most are also quite close to the airport.
The port is situated in a 10-minute drive from the downtown and a 5-minute drive from the beach.

Get around Fort Lauderdale, FL

The east side of Fort Lauderdale, between downtown and the beach, is crisscrossed with canals. It doesn't matter if you are in a car, on bicycles, or on foot, you have to cross the canals where the bridges are. This is one town where a good map can save you a lot of backtracking. Surprisingly the best road map of the East side of town is the 'Dolphus Waterway Map."
The US 1 does NOT intersect with Las Olas Boulevard. Your map is wrong if it says otherwise. The US 1 passes under the river in a tunnel and goes under Las Olas too, re-emerging only at Broward Blvd. to the north. This confuses many people who are trying to navigate around Fort Lauderdale.

By car

The easiest way to get around Fort Lauderdale and South Florida is by car. If you are renting—all the major national chains, and several local ones, can be found here. The city is set up on ga rid system and is fairly easy to navigate. Downtown is roughly two miles west of the beach. You need to consult a map when on the East side of town because the canals divide up the city and you need to find the bridges.
Broward County is served by three major Interstates (I-75, I-95, I-595) and some U.S. Highways including U.S. Highway 1, US 27 and US 441. It is also served by Florida's Turnpike and State Highway 869, also known as the Sawgrass Expressway.

By taxi

Taxis are generally expensive, but available at almost any time and place.

  • Yellow Cab, ☎ +1 954 777-7777. The largest company in the city.
  • Water Taxi. via the Intracoastal waterway and New River. A different way to see the city, its beautiful waterfront mansions, and stately yachts.

By bus

  • Broward County Transit (BCT), ☎ +1 954 357-8400. The county bus system. BCT provides for connections with the bus systems in other parts of the metropolitan area: Metrobus in Miami-Dade County and Palm Tran in Palm Beach County. Buses are available, but often slow and inconvenient. There is a push to increase bus service.
  • Sun Trolley, ☎ +1 954 761-3543. An inexpensive trolley serving the downtown, beach, and convention center areas. It also provides a link from downtown to the Broward Blvd Tri-Rail station. If you're looking for a cheap scenic tour through Fort Lauderdale, ride the Sun-Trolley or take the 11 bus along Las Olas Blvd and A1A.

By train

Tri-Rail, toll-free: +1-800-872-7245. Commuter train which runs north and south parallel to I-95, connecting Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Tri-Rail provides access to South Florida's three major airports, as well as links to Miami's Metrorail. However, since Tri-Rail trains can sometimes be thirty minutes to an hour late and has trains coming every two hours apart on the weekends so you will probably have better luck taking the city bus system. Tri-Rail also does not offer a very scenic tour as it is just a commuter line through the back sides of town.

By boat

Fort Lauderdale is America's yachting capital, and as such has numerous boat charter and rental companies. There are many restaurants and bars along the intracoastal that cater to the passing yachtsmen and their guests.
Water Bus has 11 pick up/drop off locations in east Fort Lauderdale along the Intracoastal Waterway and New River. Float to and from the hotels, shopping, restaurants, beaches and nightlife. Slow and costly, but worth it for the view and romance.

By bicycle

When you visit the beach you will see that many locals bike to the beach. Things in Fort Lauderdale are close, but often further apart than a quick walk. A bike makes everything much closer, and you don't have to find parking. By bike, it is only 10 minutes from the beach to downtown, the supermarkets, or the malls. A bike creates its own breeze so biking is not only quicker and less effort than walking, it's often cooler too.

There are bike lanes on the road by the beach on A1A and on Las Olas Blvd. going between the beach and downtown and the Riverwalk. Ride in the same direction as the traffic. It is common to take to the sidewalks on the bridges or on major roads when the bike lane disappears.
Because most things are quite close and Florida is very flat, bicycles are a very green, very sane, and relatively quick way to get around. You also get to see more, hear more, and be able to stop easily along the way to take pictures, something that is difficult to do when in a taxi or a car.

What to see in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale Beach (The Strip)

The most popular section of beach is where A1A runs alongside the beach, between Las Olas Blvd north to Sunrise Blvd.
The "Elbo Room" bar, located at Las Olas Blvd and A1A was featured in the 1960s film Where the Boys Are. The movie led to the city's former reputation as a spring break mecca. The bar anchors the Southern end of the 'Strip', a strip of eating and drinking establishments that run along the land side of the beach road.
Spring Break peaked in the mid-1980s and the city now attracts a more upscale crowd. Fort Lauderdale is in the midst of a luxury condo building boom, this is displacing the hotels that once lined the beach.
The city is more cosmopolitan than most, having lots of Europeans and gay residents. The beach culture reflects the laid-back nature of the community. You will find European food in the restaurants and bathers in thong swimsuits.

  • Beach Place, Located on A1A, north of Las Olas Blvd. A collection of bars, restaurants and retail stores connected to a Marriott hotel.
  • Bonnet House, 900 N Birch Rd, ☎ +1 954 563-5393.
  • Elbo Room, Las Olas Blvd and A1A. The most famous spring break bar, and one of the few remaining from that period.

Downtown/Las Olas Blvd

The downtown area, especially around Las Olas Boulevard, has seen dramatic growth in the past decade, and now hosts many new hotels and high-rise condominium developments. Other improvements include a wide array of new boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants.
The entertainment district runs east-west along Las Olas Boulevard. East Las Olas Blvd has a mile of upscale shops and restaurants. Across the railway lines, West Las Olas caters to a younger crowd. There are funky nightclubs and restaurants between the railway lines and the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. In between East and West, there is a new set of shops called Riverside that sits on the RiverWalk. The RiverWalk runs along the north side of the new river, from the shops at Las Olas to the performing arts complex.

  • Broward Center for the Performing Arts, 201 SW 5th Ave, ☎ +1 954 522-5334.
  • Las Olas Boulevard. An upscale collection of store, restaurants, and bars near downtown.
  • Museum of Art, E Las Olas Blvd, ☎ +1 954 525-5500.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 SW Second St, ☎ +1 954 467-6637.
  • Old Fort Lauderdale Village & Museum.
  • Stranahan House, 335 SE 6th Ave, ☎ +1 954 524-4736.

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors is a city surrounded by Fort Lauderdale. It is a popular area for gays and lesbians. It has many guesthouses, restaurants, and bars/nightclubs catering to its gay clientèle. The busy center of the city is Wilton Drive near NE 26 Street. This is only two miles north of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Suburban Fort Lauderdale/Broward County

Greater Broward County is home to 1.8 million people and offers a wide array of activities.

  • African American Research Library and Cultural Center.
  • Antique Car Museum, 1527 Packard (SW 1st) Av., ☎ +1 954 779-7300. Collection of pre-war Packard automobiles and other memorabilia.
  • Boomers! Rollercoaster Park, 1801 NW 1st St, ☎ +1 954 921-1411. Go here for exciting rides and to let loose.
  • Butterfly World / Tradewinds Park, 3600 W Sample Rd, Coconut Creek, ☎ +1 954 977-4400. Come here to see exotic butterflies and to get in touch with nature.
  • Billie Swamp Safari, Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, toll-free: +1-800-GO-SAFARI (46-723274). Swamp Buggy Eco-Tours, Airboat Rides, Animal & Reptile Exhibits, Day/Overnight Packages and Exclusive Tours.
  • Cypress Airboat Rides, ☎ +1 561 798-2884. Explore this ecosystem on a heart-pounding ride, or a more relaxed airboat tour. Open year round.
  • Florida Everglades Holiday Park, 21940 Griffin Rd (west to end of Griffen road), ☎ +1 954 434-8111. Amazing wetlands and possibly an alligator or two.
  • Flamingo Gardens and Wray Botanical Collection, 3750 S. Flamingo Rd, Davie, ☎ +1 954 473-2955. If you are an outdoors person, or just want to see our state bird you have to visit here. 
  • Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop. A large indoor/outdoor flea market with the country's largest drive-in movie complex (13 screens).
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, 3109 East Sunrise Blvd, ☎ +1 954 564-4521. 
  • Sawgrass Mills, Located in the suburb of Sunrise, some 10 miles to the west. The world's largest outlet mall.

What to do in Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • The beach. A prime attraction. There is parking just south of Las Olas Blvd or if that is full, there is plenty more under the Las Olas Blvd Bridge. The machines take cash or credit cards. There is more parking on A1A, North of Sunrise Blvd. Athletes enjoy running along the road by the beach in the early mornings. On Saturday mornings there is a continual stream. Best viewed from one of the numerous coffee shops or restaurants across the road from the beach. You can rent a bicycle and explore along the beach, or head inland via Las Olas Blvd, to explore the upscale shops that line Las Olas towards the downtown. From Las Olas the RiverWalk connects to the Arts and Entertainment district. Parking at some beach hotels is limited and with things quite close you will find bicycles are a good way to get around. Bicycle on the sidewalks if the traffic scares you.
  • Boating. You can go boating on the miles of waterways. Take the water taxi, take a ride in a glass bottom boat or take one of the river cruises like the Jungle Queen. There is also sport or deep sea fishing. If boating is not your thing, then you can just watch the boats go by from the many waterfront bars and restaurants.
  • SW 2nd Street. On Friday and Saturday evenings the bars and clubs along SW 2nd Street come alive with young people. If you are under 35 this is the place to be on weekend nights. Known by locals as Colee Hammock, this is the two blocks on SW 2nd St just West of the rail way tracks, near the Science Museum and Preforming Arts Center. For tourists or people over 35, there is the RiverSide complex with bars and restaurants just East of the same railway lines.


Golfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing are very popular sports in the area. The metropolitan area also offers the following spectator sports:

  • The Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League play at BankAtlantic Center in suburban Sunrise, Florida.
  • Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens is the home to the Miami Dolphins of the NFL and the annual Orange Bowl college football game held in early January. The stadium is 17 miles South-West of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins play home games at Marlins Park in Miami, 28 miles southwest of Fort Lauderdale.
  • The Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association plays at AmericanAirlines Arena in downtown Miami, located 23 miles south of Fort Lauderdale.
  • International Swimming Hall of Fame is located at Fort Lauderdale Beach.
  • South Florida also hosts the college sports teams of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, and the University of Miami.
  • The Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the North American Soccer League play at Lockhart Stadium in North Fort Lauderdale only 12 miles from the downtown area.

Personal Fitness

There are sports and events held year round; although less frequent in the summer due to the intense heat. There are so many local running races during the cooler months that they may be held just several weeks apart. Greater Fort Lauderdale Road Runners keeps a central listing of running races on their web site.

  • The swimming Hall of Fame pool complex is one block back from the beach. A world class venue where top athletes swim. There are a number of national swimming meets throughout the year.
  • There are a good number of local Triathlons, mostly the shorter sprint distances.


  • Jungle Queen. Dinner cruise featuring sites along the New River in and around downtown.
  • Pier Fishing at Commercial Blvd, Atlantic Blvd, Hillsboro Blvd, and Dania Beach. Each area has long piers into the ocean, and fishing available.
  • Bahia Mar Marina. Just across from the beach. You can walk around the marina and look at luxury boats and yachts owned by the well-heeled. On one jetty there is a monument and plaque announcing slip F-18 as an American Literary Landmark - this is where author John D MacDonald's fictional hero, Travis McGee, moored his 52-foot houseboat The Busted Flush (21 Travis McGee novels were published).
  • Flamingo Fishing. A drift fishing boat that makes 3 trips daily from the Bahia Mar Marina. The boat supplies all the equipment and supplies needed for deep sea fishing.
  • Miss Bonita 2 Sport Fishing. Miss Bonita II is a sports fishing charter that takes 3 trips daily from the Bahia Mar Marina. Our Trips includes all the equipment and supplies needed for deep sea fishing. Call for special rates and all-inclusive trips.

What to eat and drink in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Fort Lauderdale has countless dining options. Among the most popular areas are Las Olas Blvd, Olde Town Fort Lauderdale, and the Beach.

Downtown/Old Town/Las Olas Blvd

  • Big City Tavern, 623 E.Las Olas Blvd. Great atmosphere, outside seating available. Sandwiches to steaks served.
  • Capital Grille, Galleria Mall. Upscale restaurant featuring excellent service and great steaks. Incredible wine selection.
  • Cheesecake Factory, 620 E.Las Olas Blvd, ☎ +1 954 463-1999. Located at base of Riverside Hotel where Las Olas meets the Tunnel. Popular chain featuring a large menu and countless desserts.
  • Chima, E.Las Olas Blvd. Excellent Brazilian rodizio. Great salad bar too.
  • Jalisco, 700 N.Federal Hwy, ☎ +1 954 462-9695. Small, family owned Mexican restaurant. Looks can be deceiving as excellent, yet affordable cuisine is served with a smile.
  • Laffing Matterz, 219 S. Andrews Ave, ☎ +1 954 763-5236. After you dine on chef-prepared fare, their cutting-edge musical satire will leave you wiping tears of laughter from your eyes!
  • Mango's, 900 E.Las Olas Blvd. Popular and reasonably priced. Outside seating is available and there is often live music.
  • PF Chang's, Galleria Mall. Popular national chain, serving non-traditional Chinese food.

On the Beach/The Strip

  • Dos Caminos, 1140 Seabreeze Boulevard (in the B Ocean Hotel), ☎ +1 954 727-7090. Su 12PM-3PM 5:30PM-11PM, M-Sa 7AM-2:30PM 5:30PM-11PM. Modern Mexican cuisine, made-to-order guacamole & tequila cocktails. 
  • Monster Subs, 1978 E Sunrise Blvd, ☎ +1 954 463-7997. Sub shop known for handing you some of the meat to sample while you are waiting for them to make your sub.
  • Trina, Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd (A1A). At The Atlantic Hotel. Award winning restaurant featuring a Florida-Caribbean cuisine.
  • St Barts Coffee Shop, On the beach (A1A), 2 blocks south of Las Olas Blvd. Outside tables under umbrellas. It's where the locals go for coffee and breakfast.

Wilton Manors/Close In

  • Alibi, 2266 Wilton Dr, ☎ +1 954 565-2526. Wilton Manors. Gay bar & casual restaurant (hamburgers & sandwiches). Friendly, diverse "straight-friendly" crowd; lunch & dinner served both indoors & outside under covered patio area. Very reasonably priced.
  • Galanga, 2389 Wilton Dr (on the main drag in Wilton Manors), ☎ +1 954 202-0000. Mo-Th 11:30AM-10:30PM, Fr 11:30AM-11PM; Sa 1:30PM-11PM, Su 5PM-10:30PM. Thai and Asian-fusion food. Great food, great atmosphere, enjoy the patio year 'round
  • Mai Kai, 3599 N. Federal Highway, ☎ +1 954 563-3272. Along Polynesian food, you can view a show with fire.
  • Rosie's, Wilton Drive. Great hamburgers and lite fare, with large outdoor seating area. Fun gay-themed restaurant, with live music on weekends.
  • Tasty Thai, 2254 Wilton Dr, ☎ +1 954 396-3177. Wilton Manors. True authentic Thai Cuisine, get there early for dinner and get a complete meal at a reasonable price.

Lauderdale by the Sea area

  • Pomperdale, 3055 East Commercial Blvd, ☎ +1 954 771-9830. An excellent New York Jewish style deli.
  • The Village Grille, 4404 El Mar Dr, ☎ +1 954 776-5092. Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just drinks. Next to the beach. $8-$12. Try the banana nut pancakes, they are to die for.
  • 101 Ocean, 101 E Commercial Blvd (Head East on Commercial blvd to Ocean it's on the corner of El-Mar & Commercial), ☎ +1 954 776-8101. 11AM-2AM. Really cool restaurant with a great outdoor bar. Perfect for people watching and 50 yards from the ocean. They have arguably the best happy hour in town: 50% off ALL drinks from 5-7PM, 7 days a week. Food and drink are both great—try the flatbreads or the cowboy steak.


Fort Lauderdale's former reputation was built by Spring Break, and the city still does not disappoint. There are countless places to have a drink from little 'hole in the walls' to the ultra chic.

  • Aruba beach cafe, one east commercial blvd (take commercial avenue east to end), ☎ +1 954 766-0001. open for lunch and dinner. A fun place for all ages with free live music from techno, pop to the beatles every day at 10PM average $15 to $30.
  • ZEN BAR (Marando Farms), 1401 SW 1st AVE (South of Davie & West of Andrews, behind Tap 42), ☎ +1 954 937-8546, e-mail: M-F 10-6 & Sat/Sun 9-5. Cold-pressed raw, organic juices and smoothies. Zen Bar offers a wide selection of superfoods & also features a beautiful collection of crystals.

Downtown/Old Town/Las Olas

  • Riverfront is a collection of stores and bars on the west side of the downtown district.
  • Tarpon Bend, 200 SW 2 St (Old Town). Great beer specials and popular on weekends.
  • Voodoo Lounge, 100 SW 2 Ave. Old Town. Popular dance club.

Beach/The Strip

  • Beach Place is on A1A across from the beach. It has many bars and restaurants, and is very popular on the weekends.
  • Elbo Room famous spring break landmark at Las Olas Blvd and A1A.
  • Fat Tuesday's, Beach Place. Great ocean views and strong frozen drinks. Perfect combo for fun.
  • Shooters is on the Intracoastal Waterway, south of Oakland Park Blvd. Very popular with the yacht crowd, as there are boat slips available.

Hole In The Wall

  • Grady's Bar, 905 S. Andrews Ave. At is a hangout for locals, open since 1940. Cheap drinks and food, cash only.
  • Flossie's Bar and Grill 3985 Angler's Avenue on the opposite side of I-95 from the airport. Outdoor tiki bar with live music some nights. Popular biker hangout.

Wilton Manors/Gay & Lesbian

  • Georgie's Alibi. At the Shoppes of Wilton Manors. Wilton Dr. and NE 6 Ave.
  • Boom. A nightclub at Shoppes of Wilton Manors. Wilton Dr and NE 6 Ave.

Oakland Park

  • Roxanne's on Main. On the corner of Dixie Highway and Oakland Park. Music, drinks and food.

Shopping in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida, in general, is a shoppers paradise. There is something to satisfy everybody's shopping desires. Here are is a list of some of the main districts/destinations:

  • Shops on Las Olas Blvd, Little specialty shops and upscale restaurants line Las Olas Blvd, starting downtown and running East on Las Olas Blvd for a mile, to SE 15th Avenue. Most shops and restaurants are open late in the evenings.
  • Galleria Mall, Sunrise Blvd and Bayview Dr. Fort Lauderdale's regional mall. Has over 200 stores including Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Dillard's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. This is only 1/4 of a mile, about ten minutes walk from the beach.
  • Sawgrass Mills, located in the city of Sunrise at Sunrise Blvd and NW 136 Ave. One of the world's largest malls for shopping, dining, and entertainment. 
  • Broward Mall, located in Plantation at Broward Blvd, and University Drive.
  • Coral Square Mall, located in Coral Springs at Atlantic Blvd. and University Dr.
  • Festival Flea Market, located in Pompano Beach on Sample Rd, just east of Florida's Turnpike. Large indoor flea market.
  • Pembroke Lakes Mall, located in Pembroke Pines at Pines Blvd. and Flamingo Rd.
  • Pompano Square, located in Pompano Beach at US1 (Federal Hwy) and Copans Rd.
  • Aventura Mall, large, upscale regional mall located in Aventura.
  • Boca Town Center, large, upscale regional mall located in Boca Raton.
  • Swap Shop. +1 954 583-2221. The Swap Shop is an older flea market located west on Sunrise Blvd. at a drive-in movie. Along with getting your hair braided, you can shop for fruits, vegetables, clothes, knick-knacks, and practically any other things other locations would not have.

Independent Stores

  • Clothes Encounters, 1952 E Sunrise Blvd, ☎ +1 954 522-2228. Fort Lauderdale. Huge selection of funny t-shirts along with basic swimwear and gifts.
  • Flagler Antiques, 720 Flagler Dr. Fort Lauderdale. 10,000 Square Feet of antiques.
  • Orchids Care, 3369 West Fork Dr. Provide insightful tips and techniques on growing orchids.
  • Zoo 14, 1208 NE 4th Ave, ☎ +1 954 763-9666. Fort Lauderdale. Men's designer clothing and club wear.
  • Lilac And Lilies Boutique, 2541 E. Sunrise Blvd, ☎ +1 954 530-3109. Fort Lauderdale. Women's designer clothing and accessories.

Safety in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale can be very safe but there are some parts of town you should probably avoid if you are on foot at night. Like all cities, you should ask advice on what areas are safe and what to avoid. The areas likely to be frequented by the tourists, along the beach, shopping along Las Olas and downtown are safe. This would be the NE and SE parts of the city. You should use more caution if the address is on the West side of the city NW or SW. The intersection of Andrews Ave and Broward Blvd designates the NW NE SW SE sections of the city. Avoid the NW and SW areas, especially at night. The central part of Broward County West of Andrews Ave to the Florida Turnpike is not a place for tourists. Suburban cities that should be avoided include Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill and especially Sistrunk.
Rental cars stand out as obvious targets for thieves, so never leave valuables in a visible place (put any purchases or valuables in the trunk) and always lock your car doors.
Tourists may find South Florida drivers get impatient with the heavy traffic during high season. Try to plan your route before setting off and remember that US1 tunnels under Las Olas Blvd and the river. It may look like the two intersect on a map but they don't. South Florida has quite a few senior citizens on the road mixed in with their crazy teenaged offspring, so be alert.
Emergency telephone number for fire, police and rescue emergencies is 911.

Language spoken in Fort Lauderdale, FL

English is the official language.


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Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Las Olas Boulevard is a popular thoroughfare in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States that runs from Andrews Avenue in the Central Business District to A1A and Fort Lauderdale Beach. The easternmost section of the boulevard is interlaced with canals and waterfront homes. The commercial stretch, approximately 1-mile (1.6 km) in length, features...
New River, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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The New River is a river in South Florida, USA. The river originates in the Everglades and flows east. After passing through Fort Lauderdale, the river enters the Atlantic Ocean at Port Everglades cut. The river is entirely within Broward County and is composed from the junction of three main canals which originate in the Everglades, splitting off...
Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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The Broward Center for the Performing Arts is a large multi-venue theater and entertainment complex located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Opened in 1991 on a 5.5-acre (22,000 m2) site along the north bank of the New River at Sailboat Bend, the center became a catalyst for major downtown revitalization efforts and an...
Wynwood Art District, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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The Wynwood Art District is a district of the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida. It is home to over 70 galleries, museums and collections. It is roughly bounded by North 36th Street (US 27) (north), North 20th Street (south), I-95 (west) and Northeast First Avenue (east). Currently it is one of the largest open-air street art installations in...
Zoo Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, also known as Zoo Miami, and formerly known as Miami MetroZoo, is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida, and the only tropical zoo in the continental United States. Originally established in 1948 at Crandon Park in Key Biscayne, Zoo Miami relocated in 1980 to the former location of the...
Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Miami Beach is a coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. It was incorporated on March 26, 1915. The municipality is located on a variety of natural and man-made barrier islands between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, the latter of which separates the Beach from Miami. The neighborhood of South Beach, comprising the...

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Story About My Cruise

Fort Lauderdale (Florida) - Half Moon Cay (the Bahamas) - Cartagena (Colombia) - Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica) - Corinto (Nicaragua) - Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala) - Puerto Chiapas (Mexico) - Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) - San Diego (California) Actually, I was planning to take a short Caribbean...

This is the continuation of the story about our Christmas and New Year holidays. Four days passed quickly, we had to prepare to a ship that departed on December 26 from the port in Fort Lauderdale , 25 kilometers north of Miami. Here's she - the beautiful ship that was our home during the...
After two days in New York, we arrived in  Miami  where we were going to start the second part of our New Year's trip - a sea cruise through the Caribbean. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, we didn't walk through the streets, and we looked at Miami from the air and then - from the...
Fort Lauderdale  is the city where our cruise around the Caribbean started. And where it ended a week later. We spent two days there. Unlike neighboring  Miami , I liked Fort Lauderdale more. The ocean and beaches are the same, but it's quieter, cleaner, and with a smaller number...
The  Everglades  is a vast natural reserve in Florida not far from  Miami . Almost the entire territory is occupied by marshes. There have been attempts to drain the area in order to use it for site development, but the ecosystem had immediately reacted to the intervention, and...
Palm Beach  was our first destination on the list of places to visit when we stopped in Pompano Beach. First of all, I wanted to see the most expensive or the richest US city (I read this definition in the guide book - I think it only refers to the "per capita income" because...
This park ( Everglades National Park)  is just huge in terms of its territory! And there are certainly a lot of interesting places. But we were not very lucky - we arrived at one of the centers of the park at 10 am which was a little bit late. You should come here before dawn when...