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Fort Lauderdale - Everglades Safari Park

wwworld • 5 minutes read • September 18th, 2015
After swimming and eating breakfast, we drove along route 41, through the 

Everglades National Park,

to visit the crocodiles.

The Safari-Park was our first stop, where we had an exciting voyage to the center of the marshy part of the park. Our trip was made on an air boat. 

Two huge motor-propellers in the back provide the momentum for the watercraft, and a completely flat bottom doesn't allow the native vegetation to impede movement.


the Everglade Park,

everything that looks like a crocodile is a crocodile. We sailed along swamps such as the one pictured below.

After there was a small show of crocodiles, after which everyone could take a photo with a baby crocodile, just 3-years-old, for $3. 

Moving further through the park, we saw crocodiles at every corner. There were hundreds of them! Below is one of them: he lives near the road and was very happy to meet us. Anyway, as soon as we stopped the car, he propped himself up and headed in our direction.

We didn't test what would be the next, so we left . . .

The next day went to the 


again, but this time we went to the South of the park, which occupies a huge territory of the Southern Florida Peninsula.

Our first stop was the famous Lonely Planet fruit shop 'Robert is Here', where delicious milkshakes made from various fruits grown on the farm are sold.

The story of this shop by the road is interesting - 50 years ago a father sent his young Robert to sell cucumbers at the intersection. The boy spent the whole day there but didn't manage to sell anything. Hi father decided that it was impossible that no one liked cucumbers. He thought the child just wasn't seen by drivers from behind the boxes. The next day, Robert's dad scrawled on the cardboard 'Robert is HERE' and put the sign in front of the boxes with the goods. Before midday, Robert had sold all the vegetables and returned home. Then his neighbors began to sell their fruits and vegetables. Later, Robert's dad made a canopy and so a new family business had started.

At just 14, Robert had already bought 4 hectares (10 acres) of land for a farm. Needless to say that Robert, who is now under 60, continued to sell at this store.

The weather was wonderful; 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) and sunny. Just what we needed for the first week of January! We bought a strawberry and lime cocktail. Fresh pomegranate and mangoes were cut right here.  
At the time we had no idea that the gentleman cutting our mango was the same Robert I wrote about earlier!

Fruits aren't the only thing on Robert's farm:

After eating we went further. In the park we visited all the stops and passed through all the main trails.

Carrion crowns sit calmly, not afraid of anything, near the road that tourists walk along.

And this is a 'glade', where a little more than a dozen alligators live comfortably and free. The amazing thing was that different birds, that were not particularly bothered by the close presence of predators, were freely strolling between them.
Author: Wwworld
Translated by: Gian Luka

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