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Fort Sainte Anne

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Fort Ste. Anne was a former French military fort located at present-day Englishtown, Victoria County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The fort was built by Captain Charles Daniel (1629) after he raided Baleine. The fort was occupied from 1639 to 1641. Two other military forts were eventually built adjacent to the fort: Simon Denys Fort (1650-1659) and Fort Dauphin (1713-1758).

Fort Dauphin

After Queen Anne's War, French officer Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville and others established Fort Dauphin in 1713 as the capital of Ile Royale, prior to the establishment of Louisbourg. (Hertel led the renoun Raid on Deerfield and military operations against the English in Newfoundland.) He played a role in the early settlement of both present-day Englishtown (1719-1722) and St. Peter's (1713-1718). He died at Fort Dauphin.

As commodore of the fleet, Edward Tyng led 13 armed vessels and about 90 transports in the successful Louisbourg (1745). He participated in the Capture of the Vigilant and the destruction of Port Dauphin (Englishtown) in June 1745, burning 40 houses and an equal number of vessels.

Fort Saint Anne is a National Historic Site.


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