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Freetown Christiania

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 31st, 2016
During our last trip to 


, we decided to go see 


Moreover, Christiania is located not far from the city center.
1freetown-christiania.jpgThis is such an original place that it’s impossible to relate to it objectively.
And I have somewhat changed my mind about this place. It seemed to me that such places have a right to exist. And not only as a shelter for members of society (that exist in every country), who cannot live "like others", but for ordinary people, as a reminder that there should be a place for anyone in a civilized society. And it's not the question of the good or bad, right or wrong things. Its simply that, there are people who, for example, cannot live without drugs.
Such people exist, and probably it’s good that there is a place where they can feel good. They seemed to live quite happily in Christiania; it can be seen from a glance. And there were lot of people like that. Of course, there were healthy residents that do not use any ancillary equipment (such as drugs) to excite their lives.
There are not only drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people, but also "anti-heroes" like a naive idealist and funny Don Quixotes... So Christiania turned out to be a pleasant place with a lake, beach, and merry colorful little houses...
2freetown-christiania.jpg3freetown-christiania.jpg4freetown-christiania.jpg5freetown-christiania.jpgBy the way, locals do not recognize "serious" drugs; they do not like it and fight strongly against them...
6freetown-christiania.jpgBut even "soft drugs" are allowed, their sales were flourishing, the smell was in the air, and its effect could be recognized in smiles of by-passers :) It was forbidden to take photos, but if you really want them and are careful, you can take some. 
7freetown-christiania.jpgIf you’re not interested in drugs, you can try the local beer, which is pretty good :) The garrison barracks were preserved in some places.
8freetown-christiania.jpg9freetown-christiania.jpg10freetown-christiania.jpg11freetown-christiania.jpgSome houses looked like the most ordinary village houses :)
12freetown-christiania.jpg13freetown-christiania.jpg14freetown-christiania.jpg15freetown-christiania.jpg16freetown-christiania.jpg17freetown-christiania.jpg18freetown-christiania.jpg19freetown-christiania.jpg And finally. The locals produce bikes that are so popular among the residents of 


These bicycles are not cheap... And be sure that there’s no communism anymore, and don’t think that everything is for free there...))) Our accommodation was quite expensive.
Author: o_l_g_a_r_i
Translated by: Zoozi

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