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French Polynesia: Tour Around Bora Bora

Ehlzhbeta Chegarova - prosto_gost • 4 minutes read • June 21st, 2016
Yes, you need a visa to get here. We found that out when we already returned from the shore - directly from the staircase we went to the meeting with the authorities. The officers greeted us kindly, asked if we knew that we needed the visa to French Polynesia. We had to get the island visa for Martinique before, but this time we somehow forgot about the issue. Well, we didn't think about it at all, we had a big route.

I got out of the situation, they accepted my French Schengen for three years. I think they had never seen this visa before, they were looking at it for a long time and didn't know what to do with it. Finally, they gave up, said it'll do (though, of course, we needed a separate visa and Schengen was not supposed to work here).
My husband paid $35 (in 2014), officers stamped our documents, and we were allowed to go. Of course, we were happy! 



anchored not far from the Hilton hotel.
Passengers were transported to the shore by tenders.
They immediately plunged into the carefree life of the island. 

Bora Bora 

is a paradise. It's bright, colorful, cheerful music sounds, big guys live dancing, whistling, they have a necklace of orchids around their necks and a banjo in their hands.
We took a tour around the island on a Jet Boat ($180 in 2014). By the way, if you are here, do not take offers on board, there are many tours on the shore at an affordable price.
Among the offers of the cruise company, there was even the following - a night in a bungalow on the water for $2200 (in 2014). We closely examined these houses and realized that we don't want to sleep in them, especially for such crazy money.
And the fish are beautiful everywhere. We even saw huge moray eels - our rollicking guide lured it with a piece of chicken from under the stone. Of a human height! We shouted so loudly that it could be heard even under the water. Dissatisfied moray writhed itself free from the guy's hands and went back under the stone. If I saw such a monster, not during the group swimming with guides, I would have died of shock, for sure.
Author: Prosto_Gost
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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