Fuerteventura. La Oliva, Las Playitas, Gran Tarajal, Caleta de Fuste. P.2. (Fuerteventura) | CruiseBe
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Fuerteventura. La Oliva, Las Playitas, Gran Tarajal, Caleta de Fuste. P.2.

o_l_g_a_r_i • 3 minutes read • July 15th, 2016

We visited Las Playitas

. And next to it, there is an ordinary town where we didn't see any tourists.
But it is understandable - there is almost nothing interesting.
Here is a picture on the way to it.
And here is the town itself - Gran Tarajal.
It's clear why there are no tourists, isn't it? How can there be tourists without a decent beach?
But there are a couple of cafes on the waterfront.
And there is such a cool market. I often see markets like this, especially, in Spain and Italy. And I'm always shocked by them, to be honest. Is there anyone who still buys such things???
The walls of houses are painted by one of the local artists.
I do not know if it's beautiful, but it is rather cool, isn't it?
And here are several photos from the last town - 

Caleta de Fuste

The airport is very close to the town.
This is a super tourist-y town - with many hotels, cafes, restaurants, and shops...
The beach is not very good, but the waterfront is nice.
The best thing is on the other side of the waterfront - there are rocks near the shore, and there were such beautiful waves!!! 
And here are more pictures of the town...
Author: O_L_G_A_R_I
Source: o-l-g-a-r-i.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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