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Geirangerfjorden Panorama

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • April 23rd, 2016

The Hurtigruten Cruise lines offer a variety of tours for an additional fee, two notable tours being an excursion to the North Cape (symbolic northernmost point of Europe) and the "Geiranger Panorama" tour. The 

North Cape

 tour will be on the penultimate day of the cruise.
When approaching the village of 


, located within the Geirangerfjorden, tourists are divided - those who go on the "Geiranger Panorama" tour, are delivered to the shore by a small boat that comes to the ferry and the ferry with the remaining tourists go back to Geirangerfjord.

The ferry pictured below is heading towards the shore, passing 


on the MS "Midnatsol" in the opposite direction.

The village of Geiranger had long been a virtually isolated village deep in the Geirangerfjord - a water connection wasn't established until 1858. But over time (especially after the establishment of a road through town in 1889) Geiranger has become a popular tourist destination. By the end of the 19th century several hotels were opened, and according to the data from 2006, Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden were visited by 156 different cruise ships.
The nature surrounding Geiranger and Geirangerfjorden's end is breathtaking. Grindalsnibba mountain, standing tall at over 5000 feet, rises above the north of the village. From the south, there is the mountain Dalsnibba, standing at over 4800 feet. Between those two mountains is Vinsashornet at over 4400 feet.

In the center of Geiranger is an unusual monument, an old tractor once used for clearing the snow from mountain roads.

The village of Geiranger Norway is the starting point of the tour. There is a museum of the fjords, in which you can find the corresponding thematic exhibition, as well as a small showroom, where visitors are shown a film about Geirangerfjorden. Tourists are then placed in groups based on the language they speak (English, French, German and Norwegian) and take a bus ride along the mountain to the Flydalsjuvet observation deck.

After driving along the winding roads tht hug the mountain, the bus stops to let passengers photograph and admire a small waterfall that descends directly to the bottom of the mountain:

The view from the famous Flydalsjuvet observation deck, where the stunning Geirangerfjorden can be admired from a height of over 1600 feet!

The Geiranger observation deck is a wonderful place to visit more than once during your trip, especially to have a chance to climb the surrounding peaks! Although it may be preferable to explore a country without the restrictions of a group tour,  the "Geiranger Panorama" tour is exclusive, dynamic and interesting, especially with energetic and fun guides! 

Below, the bus arrives in the village of Eidstal, where the ferry across the fjord operates.

This ferry allows the bus to travel across:

The vast expanse of Norddalsfjorden seems never-ending:

One of the villages here is famous for its Highland cattle, a Scottish breed, who graze right on the roadside!

A small Norwegian Church...

Storfjorden: Here the bus makes a short stop, allowing passengers to relax, admire the beautiful scenery and eat ice cream from a roadside cafe.

Passing by the outskirts of Aalesund! Visitors have the chance to climb the Aksla mountain, with an altitude of 620 feet above sea level, where there is an observation deck to view the entire city:

Coming out of the Cape, the MS "Midnatsol" appears in Alesund bay. 
Author: Uritsk
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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