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General Review Of Disney's Epcot Theme Park

wwworld • 5 minutes read • December 3rd, 2016
This is a general review of the 

Epcot Theme Park

in the 

Walt Disney World Resort

, where we were lucky to spend a day.
1general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgWe only had two days to spend in the Disney Parks. We couldn't miss 

Magic Kingdom

, as this is the most popular and well-known park in Disney World. The second park we chose was Disney's Epcot Theme Park. According to the description, there are amusements mainly for adults and generally, the park is not focused on young children.
2general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThe theme park is dedicated to international culture and innovations in technology. Epcot holds the third place among the most visited US theme parks, and the sixth place in the world.
The name of the park is an acronym for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. This is a utopian city of the future, created by Walt Disney.
There's a round lake in the middle of the park. Open pavilions (zones) representing 11 countries are located around the lake and include Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan, Morocco, France, the UK and Canada. Each national zone has its own buildings, restaurants and shops, typical of the country. There are amusement rides in some zones, although the main amusements in the Epcot Theme Park are located in the central part of the park, past the entrance to the lake.
Almost all the amusements are educational. For example, when boating, the passengers learn about environmentally clean and safe methods of growing vegetables and fruits, even under conditions where the soil is not suitable for their cultivation.
3general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg4general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgGarbage collectors performed a show on the street, talking about the importance of sorting the garbage (recycling) and putting it in different containers.
5general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgAlmost all of the amusements in the park were built in partnership with some of the best high-tech companies.
6general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg7general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgIn the "city of tomorrow" you can predict what life will be like 30-50 years from now.
8general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgAlthough the park is more for adults, there were many children.
9general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis amusement talks about the relativity of perception of the world.
10general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg11general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgWe went on this ride three times; it was presented by Chevrolet. First you "design" your car, which you are going to drive, based several criteria: power, safety, environmental friendliness, flexibility, and so forth.
12general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThen you do a test drive of the car you selected. We drove on slippery roads and there was a quick change of reconfigurations, speed test, etc... and at the end, there was a summary table for each driver.
13general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgIf you go around the lake, you can visit all the amusements from 11 countries in 2-3 hours.
14general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is Mexico:
15general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg16general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is Norway:
17general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg18general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg19general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg20general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg21general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is China:
22general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg23general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is Germany:
24general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg...where we tried real frankfurters:
27general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is Morocco:
28general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is the American zone:
29general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThis is Italy:
30general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgHere's Germany again:
31general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg32general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgThere was a water ride in the zone of Mexico.
33general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg34general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgA woman was hand painting traditional Mexican souvenirs in the form of animal figurines: 
35general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpgHere's an evening view of the Epcot Theme Park:
36general-review-of-disney's-epcot-theme-park.jpg Author: wwworld
Translated by: 

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