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General View Of The Panama Canal

River Pilgrim • 3 minutes read • September 10th, 2016
The program of our cruise foresaw a partial visit of the 

Panama Canal

. The ship climbed three locks into the Atlantic slope and out to the lake, where it was anchored, and tourists were taken further out for various excursions. Among the excursions, there was an "Expedition on the Panama Canal by a ferry", which we had chosen. In the end, it was even better than if we had passed through the entire canal by ship. We looked at the passage of the lock from the height of the deck and then sailed along the canal on a local ferry. After the locking in the remaining locks, we arrived in the Pacific Ocean. At the end our trip in Panama City, the capital of Panama, we were given certificates of completion of the Panama Canal transit from ocean to ocean.
This is the rise in the locks on the Atlantic slope. There are three lock chambers.
1the-panama-canal.jpgHere's a canal track in the middle of 


2the-panama-canal.jpgThis is a 

sea ship

in the canal.
3the-panama-canal.jpgThis is a lock in one of the locks and sea ferries. A distinctive feature of the Panama locks is that the vessels are moved with the help of railway locomotives from one chamber to another. Leaving the chambers, vessels are accompanied by tugboats.
4the-panama-canal.jpgThe Pacific Ocean is ahead.
5the-panama-canal.jpgThe capital of Panama is very similar to the high-rises of Dubai in some places.
6the-panama-canal.jpg Author: River Pilgrim
Translated by: Zoozi

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