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Geraldton Senior College

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Geraldton Senior College is a comprehensive public high school located in Geraldton, a regional centre 424 kilometres (263 mi) north west of Perth, Western Australia.

The school was established in 1939 as Geraldton Senior High School and catered for students from Year 8 to 12. The school became a senior college in 1997 and now caters for students from Year 10 to 12.

Students attend Year 8 to 9 at John Willcock College and then generally carry on to attend Geraldton Senior College.

Enrolments at the school were 1052 in 2007, 941 in 2008, 925 in 2009, 858 in 2010, 876 in 2011 and 758 in 2012.

The school has produced one Rhodes scholar: Geoff Gallop (1972).

A long-standing competitor in the Country Week sporting carnival, the school has won many A division titles including boys' basketball in 2006, boys' football in 2005, boys' hockey in 2005, girls' basketball from 2005 to 2007.

The school was extensively vandalised in 2007 with several windows being smashed around the campus in 2007.

The school is currently involved in the Solid Kids, Solid Schools, Solid Families program, which is designed to prevent bullying in Yamaji children.

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