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Gertrud Rasch's Church

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Gertrud Rasch's Church (Danish Gertrud Rasks Kirke) is a white concrete Lutheran church in Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland.


Due the increasing population in Qaqortoq, the old church could no longer adequately serve the community, and a new church was commissioned by the Church of Denmark. The church was built from May 1972 to July 1973, and was consecrated on July 8, 1973. The church is named after Gertrud Rask, the wife of missionary Hans Egede.

Construction and interior

The church was designed by architext Ole Nielsen, and is made entirely of concrete, and also has a concrete altar. The motif of the altarpiece is based upon south Greenland flora.

The organ of the church is a 10 stop Frobenius from 1973.

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