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Going To Volcano Crater, Iceland

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • December 28th, 2016
One day, we had a tour inside 

Thrihnukagigur volcano

1going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg2going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgWe came to the bus station and were waiting for other members of the group.
3going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg4going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg5going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgWe stopped in the middle of the "field" and went to the


. Tha walk to it took about 45 minutes. There was a strong wind.
6going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgYou should follow the footpaths, otherwise, you can fall down.
8going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg9going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg10going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgThis was our guide.
11going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgWe went to those houses. This is a base station.
12going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg13going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgThis is the inside view.
14going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgWe were treated with hot tea, and then there was an instruction.
15going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgWe went to the volcano.
16going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg17going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg18going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg19going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgCrossing the bridge, we got a platform that took us inside the


... just right there:
20going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg21going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpg22going-to-volcano-crater-iceland.jpgHere you can find the continuation of our tour.
Author: Capi4ca
Source: capi4ca.livejournal.com
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