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Gold Coast Is Surfers Paradise In Brisbane, Australia

wwworld • 4 minutes read • January 28th, 2017
Gold Coast is a city consisting of several areas and spread out along the shore of the ocean for a few tens of kilometers. We settled in one of the most famous resort areas -

Surfers Paradise


(In the previous article you can read about our way to Gold Coast when we visited a natural park).
1gold-coast-surfers-paradise-in-brisbane.JPGThe next day we took a little ride by car around Surfers Paradise. The waves were terribly high - five meters, no less! In the Gulf near the amusement park

Sea World

, where the waves were almost absent, there was a competition on scooters.
2gold-coast-surfers-paradise-in-brisbane.JPGLater we took a walk in Surfers Paradise and decided to have a dinner.
3gold-coast-surfers-paradise-in-brisbane.JPGWe had dinner at a Korean restaurant. We like that place. As it turned out, it was quite popular in the city as the restaurant as crowded. We ordered the barbecue, which was prepared on a special tile directly on the table where we ate. BBQ was not from the usual meat but from a crocodile. Meat tasty, but a bit tough.

The next day we were going to the park Movie World. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily, so we decided to go to


, the capital of Queensland and 75 km from Gold Coast.

We got Brisbane in less than one hour. We were looking for parking for about half an hour. It was weird, but it was almost impossible to find a parking on Sunday afternoon in the city center. In the end, we left the car in the multi-storey car parking for 4 USD (as of 2007) per hour or a maximum of 8 USD per day - weekend rates.
4gold-coast-surfers-paradise-in-brisbane.JPGWe went to the central pedestrian shopping street of Brisbane (Queen Street Mall). There we found a cafe, which served awesome cakes. Then we went to the botanical garden, where we spent 1 hour and a half. There are many beautiful plants, palm trees, tropical trees, and flowers.
5gold-coast-surfers-paradise-in-brisbane.JPG Author:  wwworld
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