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Gran Canaria. Las Palmas. P1

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 7th, 2016
In the morning, we decided to go to the capital of the city of 

Las Palmas

- Gran Canaria. There are two capitals on the Canary Islands! One capital is on Gran Canaria island, the other is on the island Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The capital moves every 4 years.
You can see Las Palmas in the upper right corner of the map :) 
1grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgThe bus ride there was an hour long and fare was about $7. The bus does stop in the historical part of the city but we went straight to the terminal stop - port and the beach.
First though, we’re going to 

Las Palmas

. The island has so many windmills!
2grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgHere’s the city:
3grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgWe arrived and saw this double decker bus.
4grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgThe tour around the city is given in 8 languages. Besides the more common languages, there’re Japanese, Swedish and Norwegian. You just take a pair headphones and listen.
The ticket costs $17 for the whole 24 hours, Once onboard, you can get out at any stop you'd like.  
5grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgWe walked around the city. It was cloudy and the temperature was about 78F (+26C).
6grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg7grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg8grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg9grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg10grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgPlates are painted onto tiles, as in Portugal.  
11grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgThis is the house of Columbus. He lived here before setting off on his voyage. 
12grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgThis is the Church where Columbus prayed.
13grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgHere’s the Columbus Museum.
14grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg15grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgWe decided to go inside. The entrance is free.
Inside there is a small courtyard.
16grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg17grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg18grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgPaintings depicting Columbus' voyage are on the walls.
19grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgThere are maps, ship models and flags in the museum.
Just look at Africa’s "tail" pictured on the globe.
20grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgBelow, travel lines show how Columbus moved around the Canary Islands.
21grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgLook at the way America was connected to Asia.​
22grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgDifferent ship models:
23grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg24grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg25grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg26grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgMoreover, parrots walk around inside the museum!​
27grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgHere’s Columbus.
28grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgIt was a very interesting tour but we had to leave. 
29grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgWe took some photos along the way.
This was the store window of a book shop:
30grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg31grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg32grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgI bought vases painted with lizards for myself :)
33grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgWe also visited this shop: 
34grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpg35grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgAnd then we went to the 


36grancanaria-p1laspalmas.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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