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Gran Canaria. Las Palmas. P3

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 7th, 2016
We walked around the city and finally came to the bus station in 

Las Palmas

1grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg2grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgWhat a balcony!
3grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgIt was nice to walk around the city while the weather was cooler. 
4grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg5grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg6grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgA shop window:
7grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg8grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgAn information booth for tourists.
9grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgA concert stage:
10grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgWhat a boat for kids!
11grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg12grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgWe arrived at the bus station located in the historic section of the city. We took a double decker bus and went to the port, where there is also a bus station. From there we traveled to Bandama (

Caldera de Bandama

) to look at the crater of the volcano.
Here’s the road:
13grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgAgriculture is a big business:
14grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgWe arrived at 


. We only had 40 minutes to see everything before the bus came back.
15grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgLater we came back to Las Palmas and then we could go to the beach! We finally arrived to the beach by bus, after visiting another part of the city. We stopped by this curious looking clock tower.
16grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgThe tower was on the beach.
17grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgIt was hot despite the clouds.
18grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg19grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgThe beach is located in a quaint little bay:
20grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgHere's a closer view. When the tide started, islands appeared and people were walking on it.
21grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg22grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgHaving swum to my heart’s content, it was time to go home. We reached the bus station by foot.
The following photos were taken from the bus window. There’s a large port in this part of the city.
23grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg24grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpg25grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgThen we passed by the airport.
26grancanaria-3laspalmas.jpgThere were so many windmills on our way! They are placed in rows. This is the island – the wind is always here.
Translated by: Zoozi

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