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Gran Canaria. Maspalomas

Capi4ca • 5 minutes read • June 7th, 2016
In the morning, before the temperature got too high, we decided to visit the lighthouse (

Maspalomas lighthouse

) that we had seen from the sand dunes.
We were also excited to finally swim in the sea! 
The area near the lighthouse is called 


. A lot of buses go there. The fare is about $1.50.
1grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgA bus stop is near the 


2grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe decided to go to the right:
This is a hotel. It has beautiful surroundings and huge fountains!
3grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe passed this interesting building. We thought it was underconstruction but it turned out to be the design of the hotel!
4grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThis is also a hotel.
5grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe walked along the waterfront to get to the lighthouse.
6grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThe waterfront runs along the ocean but there is no beach.
Grass grows on the slopes.
8grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThere was a map hanging on the quay. It made clear that the beach started beyond the lighthouse.
9grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgOn our way to the lighthouse. We saw Neptune on the quay and he turned out to be alive! I cannot get used to these living sculptures :) He gave us 3 beautiful pebbles for luck :)
10grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgA turtledove was grazing nearby :)
11grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgDivers were looking for something in the ocean.
12grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe found out that the first houses were located here. Below is a map that explains further. It seems that there is an old city under the sea. 
13grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgHere are the remains of a house. The thermometer shows +93F (+34C). There’s a lizard at the bottom of the photo; they are everywhere!  
14grancanaria-maspalomas.jpg15grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgJust look at this hotel's swimming pool!
16grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThis sculpture was among the trees. This time it is actually a statue :)
17grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgFinally, we reached the lighthouse.
18grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgHere’s a view from the lighthouse. There’s no beach on the left. We came out from there.
20grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThere’s a beach on the right which is where we will be going.  
21grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgHere's a closer view. You can see the sand dunes.
22grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgHere’s a bird basking on the rocks. It did not fly away, instead it watched us with a look that said: "I'm tired of all of you!" :)))
23grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThe lighthouse was left behind. We couldn't wait to get to the beach and swim, swim, swim!
24grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThe waves were not very high. At first, the water seemed cold but it was actually 73 degrees F (+23 degrees C).  We had a great time! What can be better than relaxing by the sea? :))) 
The beach was sandy and so was the shallow end of the ocean. As the water became deeper, rocks lined the ocean floor. The water is shallow for a good few feet and the sea smells so nice! :)
25grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgOverhead airplanes and...
26grancanaria-maspalomas.jpg...helicopters fly by:
27grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThen it became too hot. Although the day was cloudy, the sun beat down hard, so we headed back to the bus stop. 
There was a lake next to the ocean.
28grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThere are a lot of fish and ducks swimming in it.
29grancanaria-maspalomas.jpg30grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe walked along the lake to the bus stop.
31grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgWe still had some time before the bus left, so we went shopping. We bought cards and magnets.
32grancanaria-maspalomas.jpg33grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgThen home.
34grancanaria-maspalomas.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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