Gran Canaria. Palmitos Park. P4 (Las Palmas) | CruiseBe
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Gran Canaria. Palmitos Park. P4

Capi4ca • 3 minutes read • June 5th, 2016
Below are photos from the aquarium in 

Palmitos Park


Las Palmas,

1laspalmas-4park.jpgIt was dark in there, so our photos did not come out as well as they could have. However, they do show the different aspects of the aquarium.
2laspalmas-4park.jpg3laspalmas-4park.jpg4laspalmas-4park.jpg5laspalmas-4park.jpg6laspalmas-4park.jpg7laspalmas-4park.jpg8laspalmas-4park.jpg9laspalmas-4park.jpg10laspalmas-4park.jpg11laspalmas-4park.jpgWe left the aquarium and walked through the 


. We saw this monkey on the way! 
12laspalmas-4park.jpg13laspalmas-4park.jpgSomeone was sleeping under the roof:
14laspalmas-4park.jpgAnother monkey:
15laspalmas-4park.jpgFish seem to be fighting for food in the pond.
16laspalmas-4park.jpgWe went to see the birds:
17laspalmas-4park.jpg18laspalmas-4park.jpg19laspalmas-4park.jpg20laspalmas-4park.jpg21laspalmas-4park.jpg22laspalmas-4park.jpg23laspalmas-4park.jpgThe parrot show was next.
It started at 2:30 p.m. At first I did not want to go because it did not sounds very fun or intersecting, especially since I do not like circuses.
But it was a lot of fun! We laughed a lot! I really liked the white parrot, who bowed all the time :)
The show took place under a shed, so the photos came out a little dark. 
Here are the pictures from the show:
24laspalmas-4park.jpgWe saw a parrot riding a bike:
25laspalmas-4park.jpgAnd a parrot drawing:
26laspalmas-4park.jpg27laspalmas-4park.jpgThis parrot was roller skating:
28laspalmas-4park.jpgThe white parrot climbed the ladder then then went down the slide. Unfortunately the photos of him sliding came out blurry because he went too fast! 
29laspalmas-4park.jpgThis parrot was flying on a plane:
30laspalmas-4park.jpgAnother parrot was riding on a scooter:
31laspalmas-4park.jpgAnd this parrot was sunbathing:
32laspalmas-4park.jpgThe flag was hauled down and the show ended.
33laspalmas-4park.jpgWe continued walking through the park, toward the exit.
34laspalmas-4park.jpg35laspalmas-4park.jpgHere’s an animal with polka dot coloring :)
36laspalmas-4park.jpgWe left the park and rode the bus back to our hotel: 
37laspalmas-4park.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Translated by: Zoozi

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