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Great Ocean Road. Melbourne, Australia

Anich • 4 minutes read • October 22nd, 2016
On the third day, in the morning, we went to look at the beautiful environs of the state of Victoria.
This bird was making an unusual creaking sound.
1great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg2great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg3great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgWe came to the lighthouse in Aireys Inlet.
4great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgNearby, there was a large observation deck that opened to stunning views.
5great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg6great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgHere’s a view of Eagle Mountain.
7great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg8great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgWe went down the "stairs", which were not easy to descend!
9great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg10great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg11great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThis is a monument to the builders of the Great Ocean road.
Its construction began in autumn of 1919. The road was planned to be a war memorial to the victims of the First World War.
The road is 150.9 miles (243 km) long. 
During its construction, there was an amusing incident. In 1924, a ship, which was carrying a large amount of beer and alcohol, hit the ground near the construction site. Workers and soldiers decided to help "save" the goods, but because of this the construction was unexpectedly shutdown for two weeks :))
12great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThe ocean was noisy, with big waves and salty water.
13great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThen we went further. We were going to the waterfall. But unfortunately, the road to the waterfall was closed until the end of February.
We were upset and walked back.
This was a huge fern. 
14great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgOn our way from the waterfall, we saw a sign that said "organic vegetables and fruits."
We went there. There was a house, where an elderly woman lived. She was growing fruits, vegetables, and unusual flowers.
15great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgOne could find fruits and vegetables in a tent. Money must be put in a box. It was a kind of self-serve tent.
16great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThen we went to Lorne and the observation deck called Teddy`s lookout.
Here’s a view of the mainland.
17great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThis is an admirable view of the coast.
19great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg20great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgThis is a eucalyptus forest. We didn’t see coals, but I was told they could be found in the depth of the forest.
21great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg22great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg23great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpg24great-ocean-road-melbourne-australia.jpgAfter that, we got into the car and drove to a small airport, Apollo Bay, to take a panoramic flight to the famous Twelve Apostles. That review can be found 


Author: Anich
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