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Greece, Rhodes

Sergey Dolya • 3 minutes read • November 12th, 2015
The next morning happened to be grey and gloomy. Our ship docked in the island o f


and we went to get some air through its narrow deserted streets:

The town was paved with round stones. It was very difficult to walk on them in heels or in shoes with thin soles:

After passing through the town, we went to the sea again:

Near the fortress, there was an artificial Harbor that had been built, with a narrow entrance. This is exactly where one of the wonders of the world is – 

the Colossus of Rhodes

. One leg was on the iron pedestal, and the second one was on the other bank. Images of the Colossus have not reached the present day, so there are only drawings based on the verbal description:

The Colossus had stood here for only 56 years before it fell after a first strong earthquake in 222 BC. After that, the statue had laid on the ground for about 1000 years. To appreciate its huge size, I will include the memories of eyewitnesses, who claimed that only a few could embrace, with two hands, the thumb of the statue...
Next to the Colossus the Greeks built a small fortress:

We were leaving 


during the shower, pushing low clouds with the ship's hull:

And after dark, we got hit by a real storm:
Author: Sergeydolya

Translated by: Gian Luka

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