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Greek Mykonos

Nikolkaya • 3 minutes read • July 5th, 2016
Our ship had anchored not far from a berth of the Greek island of 


1prostogreek-mykonos.jpgThe town is located on the shore of a cozy bay.
3prostogreek-mykonos.jpg4prostogreek-mykonos.jpg5prostogreek-mykonos.jpgThere were a lot of restaurants and cafes,
6prostogreek-mykonos.jpg7prostogreek-mykonos.jpgand shops.
8prostogreek-mykonos.jpg9prostogreek-mykonos.jpgThe streets were so narrow that it was best to move by foot or by a small vehicle.
10prostogreek-mykonos.jpg11prostogreek-mykonos.jpg12prostogreek-mykonos.jpgWe met ancient residents of the island - famous 


13prostogreek-mykonos.jpgA huge number of dogs and cats live in 


14prostogreek-mykonos.jpgDo you see a cat in this picture?
15prostogreek-mykonos.jpgThe sea had become warm and we didn’t pass by a secluded bay, so we swam a little.
16prostogreek-mykonos.jpgAnd we walked around.​
17prostogreek-mykonos.jpg18prostogreek-mykonos.jpg19prostogreek-mykonos.jpg20prostogreek-mykonos.jpg21prostogreek-mykonos.jpg22prostogreek-mykonos.jpgAuthor: Nikolkaya
Translated by: Zoozi

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