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Grenada, Grenada

Grenada is the main island of the Caribbean nation of Grenada.


Grenada is divided into 6 parishes or districts:

  • Saint Andrew - east
  • Saint David - southeast
  • Saint George - southwest
  • Saint John - west
  • Saint Mark - northwest
  • Saint Patrick - north


  • St. George's - national capital
  • Grand Anse - main tourist area
  • Gouyave... Read more

Grenada, Grenada


Grenada is the main island of the Caribbean nation of Grenada.


Grenada is divided into 6 parishes or districts:

  • Saint Andrew - east
  • Saint David - southeast
  • Saint George - southwest
  • Saint John - west
  • Saint Mark - northwest
  • Saint Patrick - north


  • St. George's - national capital
  • Grand Anse - main tourist area
  • Gouyave - capital of the St. John district
  • Sauteurs - capital of the St. Patrick district
  • Grenville - capital of the St. Andrew district


Tourism is Grenada's main economic force. Conventional beach and water-sports tourism is largely focused in the southwest region around St George, the airport and the coastal strip. Ecotourism is growing in significance. Most small eco-friendly guesthouses are located in Saint David and Saint John parishes. The tourism industry is increasing dramatically with the construction of a large cruise ship pier and esplanade. 
Tourism is concentrated in the southwest of the island, around St. George, Grand Anse, Lance Aux Epines, and Point Salines. Grenada has many idyllic beaches around its coastline including the 3 km (1.9 mi) long Grand Anse Beach in St George which is considered to be one of the finest beaches in the world and often appears in countdowns of the world's top ten beaches. Besides these excellent beaches, tourists' favorite points of interest yet in Grenada are the waterfalls. The nearest to St. George's is the Annandale Waterfalls, but other notable ones like Mt. Carmel, Concord, Seven Sisters, and Tufton Hall are also within easy reach.

Natural and historical places
In 2017 the Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival enters its seventh year. In 2017, occurring in April, the event lasts for three days, occurs in three venues, however, it is classified as one festival according to the pure Grenada website. The concept of String Bands is historical in nature.

In 2017 the Annual Budget Marine Spice Island BillFish Tournament will be entering its 48th year of existence. The Tournament lasts for four days and in 2017 it starts on Jan 21.

Island Water World Sailing Week, as its name suggests, is an event which lasts for a week and in 2017 will be held towards the end of January into February. This event is similar to the America Cup which is hosted upon an agreement or calling out.

Many of these events stimulate the economy as they attract boats and persons who may need repairs to their boats or who may need to learn new routes to shelter their boats during hurricanes or Inter Tropical Convergence Zones (ITCZs) which are weather systems which affect this part of the world for almost half of the year every year.

The Grenada Sailing Festival Work Boat Regatta starts in January and lasts for a few days. From the photos on the website Grenada Sailing Festival, it appears that the style of the race is similar is similar to that event in which CARICOM national, Andrew Lewis raced at the 2016 Summer Olympics.


Although French influence on Grenadian culture is much less visible than on other Caribbean islands, surnames and place names in French remain, and the everyday language is laced with French words and the local dialect, or Patois. Stronger French influence is found in the well seasoned spicy food and styles of cooking similar to those found in New Orleans, and some French architecture has survived from the 1700s. Island culture is heavily influenced by the African roots of most of the Grenadians, but Indian and Carib Amerindian influence is also seen with dhal puri, rotis, Indian sweets, cassava and curries in the cuisine.

The "oildown" is considered to be the national dish. The name refers to a dish cooked in coconut milk until all the milk is absorbed, leaving a bit of coconut oil in the bottom of the pot. Early recipes call for a mixture of a salted pigtail, pig's feet (trotters), salt beef and chicken, dumplings made from flour, and provisions like breadfruit, green banana, yam, and potatoes. Callaloo leaves are sometimes used to retain the steam and for extra flavor.

Soca, calypso, and reggae set the mood for Grenada's annual Carnival activities. Over the years rap music became famous among Grenadian youths, and there have been numerous young rappers emerging in the island's underground rap scene. Zouk is also being slowly introduced onto the island. The islanders' African and Carib Amerindian heritage plays an influential role in many aspects of Grenada's culture.

As with other islands from the Caribbean, cricket is the national and most popular sport and is an intrinsic part of Grenadian culture. The Grenada national cricket team forms a part of the Windward Islands cricket team in regional domestic cricket, however, it plays as a separate entity in minor regional matches, as well having previously played Twenty20 cricket in the Stanford 20/20.

An important aspect of the Grenadian culture is the tradition of storytelling, with folk tales bearing both African and French influences. The character, Anancy, a spider who is a trickster, originated in West Africa and is prevalent on other islands as well. French influence can be seen in La Diablesse, a well-dressed she-devil, and Ligaroo (from Loup Garoux), a werewolf.

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Grenada, Grenada: Port Information

Cruise liners dock at the Melville Street Cruise Terminal. It is located in the downtown of St. George.
If the terminal is busy, you will be tendered ashore.

Get around Grenada, Grenada

Mini Buses in Grenada are the standardized form of transportation. These vans hold between 15-19 people, and they have route numbers and signs on them. Weekdays they run from 7 AM-7 PM. In town, there are designated bus stops, however, once you leave town, you can signal a stop by either knocking on the wall or pressing the stop button. Conductors and drivers are always very friendly, so do not hesitate to ask them where you should stop. They are lively trips, with great music and a nice breeze.
Many car rental companies are available, with rates comparable to those in the US. With a valid license from your home country, you will qualify for a temporary Grenada license for a small fee which the rental company will take care of for you. Drive on the left and make frequent use of the car's horn when coming around the numerous blind corners in the mountains.
Water taxis are another option.

What to see in Grenada, Grenada

  • Grand Etang Nature Reserve is located in St. Andrew and is famous for its crater


  • Mt. Qua Qua is a mountain within the Grand Etang Nature Reserve.
  • Mt. St. Catherine

    is with 840 meters (2756 feet) the highest mountain in Grenada.
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery is the oldest Rum Factory in the western hemisphere and still operating with a water wheel.
  • Clark's Court Distillery is in St. George district and famous for its products.
  • Dougladston Estate is the oldest Spice Plantagen in Grenada close to Gouyave.
  • Gouyave Nutmeg Factory one of the "must do" in Grenada the "spice island".
  • Carib's Leap a historic place in the north of the island where the last Carib Indians jumped from a high cliff.
  • Fort George´s above the main town St. George´s with a beautiful view of the town and the Carenage.
  • Fort Frederick

    high above the sea with outstanding views of St. George´s, Grand Anse, Grand Etang and the southern part of the island.
  • Marketplace nice Caribbean market with newly renovated spice market hall in St. George's
  • Bay Garden a tropical Garden with a rainforest style. (in St. Paul`s)
  • Sandy Island beautiful 'paradise' island off the north coast.


  • Grand Anse Beach, western (leeward) side. The most famous beach in Grenada and the main tourist area with watersports, scuba dive centers, nearby bars, and restaurants and a vendors market.
  • Morne Rouge Bay, just south of Grand Anse, one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada.
  • Levera Beach nice secluded beach in the north of Grenada with a view of the Grenadines. Rough road to it makes four-wheel drive desirable.
  • Bathway Beach a famous beach in the north of Grenada with a safe nature pool for non-swimmers.
  • Black Bay Beach secluded black beach on the west coast of Grenada (close to the Concord Waterfalls)
  • Magazine Beach, best for snorkeling. At the Aquarium Restaurant and Beach Club.
  • La Sagesse in St. David's. A quiet, secluded beach. Wonderful hotel and restaurant.


  • Concord Waterfalls, 3 Waterfalls in St. Are John.
  • Annandale Waterfall in the St. George district.
  • Mt. Carmel Waterfall is the highest Waterfall in Grenada.
  • Seven Sister Waterfalls is a group of 7 Waterfalls close to the Grand Etang Nature Reserve in St. Andrew
  • Honeymoon Waterfall is secluded in the rainforest close to the Seven Sister Waterfalls.


  • A & E Tours, ☎ +1 473 435 1444, e-mail: St. George's.
  • Mandoo Tour and Taxi, ☎ +1 473 440 1428, e-mail: St. George's.
  • Pete's Mystique Tours, ☎ +1 473 440 1671, e-mail: St.George's.

What to do in Grenada, Grenada

  • Aquanauts Grenada, ☎ +1 473 444 1126, toll-free: +1 800-513-5257, e-mail: Snorkeling and dive trips.
  • Spice Kayaking & Eco Tours, ☎ +1 473 439-4942, e-mail: Grand Anse. Pedal boat and kayak tours, half and full day.

What to eat and drink in Grenada, Grenada


  • Aquarium Restaurant & Bar. Point Salines. Carved into a cliff with fabulous views of Pink Gin Beach they are famous for their Sunday BBQ but are delicious across the whole menu.
  • Beach House Restaurant & Bar, Point Salines.
  • Coconuts Restaurant & Bar, at Grand Anse Beach. A classic Grenada beach experience.
  • Laluna, ☎ +1 473 439-0001. Morne Rouge, St George´s.
  • The Red Crab in Lance Aux Epines. A fabulous menu.
  • Dodgy Dock Restaurant, ☎ +1 473 443-TRUE (8783). Grand Anse, St. Georges. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a colorful deck suspended over the water. Mexican and Caribbean Cuisine.
  • La Sagesse, ☎ +1 473 444 6458. St. George's. On a stretch of grey-black sand bay lined tall palms, this is a true Grenadian experience.
  • Patrick's Restaurant, ☎ +1 473 440 0364. St. George's, on the Lagoon Road across from Port Louis offers a wonderful tapas-like presentation of island cuisine.
  • The Spiceland Mall at the Grand Anse has a local fruit, Soup joint, IGA Supermarket, Grill Master, Ritual's Coffee House, Fruit smoothie Shop and a Chinese takeaway and a KFC Outside.
  • Marquis Complex at the Grand Anse with Nick´s Donut World, Le Chateau, De Vino wine bar, Carib Sushi and Le Boulangerie
  • De La Grenade, ☎ +1 473 440-3241. St. George's, the manufacturer of nutmeg products including liqueur, syrup, pepper sauce, jams, and jellies.
  • Grenada Chocolate Factory, ☎ +1 473 442-0050. Hermitage, St. Patrick's, produces organic dark chocolate with vintage machinery run by solar power. You should be able to find the colorfully packaged bars in stores throughout the island. Tours of the factory have been stopped but you can see the processing of Cocoa Pods in Chocolate beans at the Belmont Estate Plantation which is close by.
  • Petite Anse Hotel Restaurant & Bar, Sauteurs (in the north of the island), ☎ +1 473 442 5252. Lunch of salads, fish, chicken, and steak or can try the more elegant fine dining dinner. The menu is of fresh local produce and changes on a daily basis.
  • Umbrellas Beach Bar, on Grand Anse Beach. A famous 'liming spot' on the island, known for its Amazing homemade burgers and fresh food, cold drinks, and great prices. Upper and lower deck, so casual, you can walk up from the beach with your sandy feet. Be prepared to be there often!


  • Fantazia Disco, Morne Rouge Beach. 9:30 PM - late. Gets going pretty good on the weekends with live shows. Small cover charge.
  • Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar, True Blue Bay Resort (True Blue), ☎ +1 473 443 8783. 7 AM to 11 PM. Waterfront dining, Caribbean and Mexican Cuisine, Daily Sunset Happy Hour, Seasonal live music Tues, Fri, Sat. Wednesday Night Music Jam from 10PM.

Shopping in Grenada, Grenada

  • Pssst Boutique (Spiceland mall), Grand Anse, ☎ +1 473 439 0787. 9 AM 7 PM. Fun variety of local and Caribbean crafts, souvenirs and tropical wear
  • TrueBluetique, True Blue Bay Resort. 8 AM to 11 PM. Collection of island souvenirs, island wear, and swimwear

Safety in Grenada, Grenada

  • Grenada has very low crime rates.
  • There is a main Hospital in St.George's, and a smaller hospital at Mirabeau on the east coast.
  • Water is chlorinated and safe.

Language spoken in Grenada, Grenada

English is the country's official language, but the main spoken language is either of two creole languages (Grenadian Creole English and Grenadian Creole French) which reflects the African, European, and native Indian heritage of the nation. The creoles contain elements from a variety of African languages; Grenadian Creole, however, is also influenced by French.

Grenadian Creole French is mainly spoken in smaller rural areas, but today it can only be heard in a few small pockets of the society. Grenadian Creole French is mainly known as Patois or Creole.

Some Hindi/Bhojpuri terms are still spoken amongst the Indian descendants, mostly those pertaining to the kitchen; such as aloo, geera, karela, seim, chownkay, and baylay. The term bhai, which means "brother" in Urdu and Hindi, is a common form of greeting amongst Indo-Grenadians males of equal status.

The indigenous languages were Iñeri and Karina (Carib).


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Grand Etang Lake is a crater lake in an extinct volcano. It is located on the island of Grenada, in Saint Andrew Parish. Evidence suggests that the Grand Etang Lake is connected to Kick 'em Jenny, an active submarine volcano to the north. This is because when Kick Em Jenny was observed bubbling, so too were the waters in Grand Etang Lake. The...
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Mount Saint Catherine is a stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the Caribbean island of Grenada. It is located in St. Mark's, Victoria. It is the youngest of five volcanoes which comprise the island. The volcano has a horseshoe-shaped crater open to the east, with several lava domes within it. There are two approaches to the top, both...
National Cricket Stadium, Grenada
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The National Cricket Stadium, previously known as Queen's Park, is the name of a cricket stadium complex on River Road, Grenada in the Caribbean A Grenada cricket team first appeared in West Indian cricket in 1887 against a touring Gentlemen of America team at the old Queen's Park. Ten years later the team was recorded playing against Lord...
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