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Guadalest, Costa Blanca. Spain

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • July 13th, 2016
I decided to write about my trip to the mountains, in 


2guadalest-costablanca.jpgWe parked the car in the parking lot downhill and went to the city.
3guadalest-costablanca.jpgOn our way...


is primarily a fortress, 

El Castell de Guadalest

. Or what was left of it...
6guadalest-costablanca.jpgThis is a recently-built reservoir with (from a distance) very nice colored water.
7guadalest-costablanca.jpgViews of the mountains from where we stopped . . . 
8guadalest-costablanca.jpgThe entrance to the "upper" city passes through the only tunnel forged in the rock and framed by a white arch. This is St. Joseph's Gate.
Having passed through the tunnel, we found ourselves on the streets surrounded by numerous souvenir shops. Products made of metal were very popular here!
9guadalest-costablanca.jpg10guadalest-costablanca.jpg11guadalest-costablanca.jpgA small church.
12guadalest-costablanca.jpgThe only street in this part of Guadalest comes out to the square of St. George, named after the city's patron saint.
A monument to him was created from iron, similar to the local style...
13guadalest-costablanca.jpgThere were beautiful views of the surrounding area from here.
A white bell tower, visible from almost any part of the city and even the immediate environs, is one of the symbols of Guadalest.
14guadalest-costablanca.jpgI read that Guadalest remained, for a long time, a Moorish settlement until 1609. And the St. Joseph fortress was also a Muslim one at first.
There’s a “godfather path”, a stone paved path on which the columns represent 14 canonical stops on Jesus' way to the site of his crucifixion.
The Alpine cemetery in Spain is located there.
There is also a museum of miniatures, which was very interesting!
However, the road to the city is more interesting than the city itself! In general, it is more like a city in the mountains :)
16guadalest-costablanca.jpgDriving through the landscapes was pleasant, despite the numerous zigzags and sharp turns!
17guadalest-costablanca.jpgBut the views were worth it . . . 18guadalest-costablanca.jpg19guadalest-costablanca.jpgAlmonds were everywhere...
20guadalest-costablanca.jpg21guadalest-costablanca.jpg22guadalest-costablanca.jpgAuthor: o-l-g-a-r-i
Translated by: Zoozi

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