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Haiti. P.1.

River Pilgrim • 4 minutes read • October 28th, 2015

In 1492, when Columbus finally reached the shores of America, the first place he landed was the present-day shores of the island of 


. After spending a little time here, the Genoese went on to discover more of America and in doing so, took control over the indigenous population. The local people of the island remained. Several hundred years passed leading to great changes in America and the rest of the world. However, Haiti remained the same; the people continued to live as they had done in pre-Columbian times.
It's amazing; all the neighboring countries have something different. Socialism was being cultivated in Cuba for half a century, the Dominican Republic is one of the world's center for tourism, the Cayman and other Islands are also doing well due to their offshore zones that act as a money laundering sites for the rest of the world. In Jamaica, there is a perpetual celebration of life.
Despite this gorgeous vista, Haiti remains one of the world's least stable and poorest country's. It is also the poorest country in America, constantly suffering from hunger, natural disasters and coups. Today, it has replaced almost all of its natural resources, and world aid organizations provide regular aid to the island. However, local authorities claim this aid, moreover, these authorities change regularly as a result of the constant coups. In short, it is not a dreamland but cruise liners still make voyages here, and this is what you find.

Royal Caribbean liners are parked 

in the North of Haiti, near the city of Cap Haitian. It is a small peninsula that is leased by the cruise company. The berthing itself is called 


. Look at the surroundings:

The 6 six hours that our liner was berthed was more than enough time to explore the surrounding terrain. There is not a lot of entertainment and there is even less information about the island. The same can be said of the beach. There is nothing particularly good about it. During our free time, we took a boat trip along the coast to explore the surrounding area of peninsula.

We left the shores as a hurricane was approaching, which are as frequent here as earthquakes are in other parts of the world. Our next stop was Jamaica which had more fun, music and laughter in store. 
Author: River Pilgrim
Source: cruiseinform.ru
Translated by: Gian Luka

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