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Half Moon Cay, Ochio Rios, Grand Cayman

Nikolkaya • 4 minutes read • July 3rd, 2016
1bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe ship departed from

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

2bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe first port is 

Half Moon Cay

. Of course, it’s not a port, just an island, which was once inhabited, but now it belongs to the Holland America Line.
3bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgWe looked at the beach and went to inspect the island.
4bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgAt first, it seems to be a usual forest, but in fact, it’s a wilderness!
5bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThere are impenetrable cacti all around,
6bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgas well as other hazards.
7bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg8bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgIn some places, you can walk up to the beach.
9bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe rays in the water seem to not be afraid of anything.
10bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgJet skis are parked on the other side in order to not interfere with the vacationers on the main beach.
11bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThere are horses on the main beach...and tourists, of course.
12bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgWe’re going further.
We got to a plain city of 

Ocho Rios

Yellow, black and green colors are very popular, which remind you that you're in Jamaica.
13bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgSchoolgirls have uniforms of the same popular colors.
14bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgBoys are wearing a more modest uniform.
15bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe senior citizens also choose bright colors of clothes.
16bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgAnd in general, eccentricity is in everything.
17bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgI sat down on a bench on the square and took some photos of the people passing by.
18bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg19bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg20bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg21bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg22bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgOn the way back, I went to the market where everything was colorful as well.
24bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgBut the local river is dirty. There are bottles, paper, packs, and local birds fishing something out.
25bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe next port is Georgetown in the Cayman Islands. There’re everything for tourists - cafes, shops.
26bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgLocals are friendly. They are usually carving something 
27bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg...or fishing.
28bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgThe sight "Devil's Field" has a post office from where you can send a postcard home.
29bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgHere’s the Turtle Farm where poor turtles are huddling in pools. And there’s a pool where tourists can swim with dolphins.
30bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgI have noticed a lot of chickens.
31bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpgAnd, of course, there are all kinds of fish, sharks, and other marine inhabitants. :-)
32bahamas-jamaica-cayman.jpg Author: Nikolkaya
Source: nikolkaya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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