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Hàn River Bridge

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Hàn River bridge (Vietnamese: cầu Sông Hàn) is a bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam. Danang lies on the west side of the Hàn River and the beaches are to the east. The Song Han Bridge helps tourists to travel from their hotels to the area's beaches.

In the middle of the night, traffic is stopped from crossing the Song Han Bridge and it swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river. The Song Han Bridge in Danang is a cable-stayed bridge that is lit up brightly at night. The area around the bridge is the location of Da Nang's cultural center.



The Song Han Bridge was built by the people of Da Nang. It is the first swing bridge to be built in Vietnam. The bridge is an important part of Danang's cityscape.

Proposed new bridge

Some of the traffic pressure will soon be taken off the bridge as the Da Nang regional government plans to build another bridge to traverse the Han River in Da Nang. Once the new bridge is completed tourists will be able to leave Da Nang International Airport on Nguyen Van Linh Highway and get to the city's beaches even quicker. The new Dragon River Bridge will be built in the shape of a dragon.


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