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Hanoi. Vietnam. The Snake Farm. Eating snakes.

Capi4ca • 4 minutes read • June 5th, 2016
From the 

Vietnam Military History Museum

we went to the Snake Farm.
1-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgIt is located in the settlement called Le Mat not far from 


, only 6 miles away.
2-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgLook at these houses! They are long with narrow facades. Our guide told us he got a 13 x 65 feet space. And he built a 4-storey house there with the same narrow facade.
3-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgThey paint only facades here. Houses stand close to each other like in Europe.
4-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgThe service industry in 


belongs to private entrepreneurs. In every house on the first floor, there is a cafe, shop or workroom. Whole Vietnam is busy building, sewing, and cooking. Moreover, as our guide told us, no permit is necessary.
5-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg6-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgMain transport here is a motorcycle or a motorbike. It is like a bicycle in Amsterdam.
Drivers usually wear masks which are sold everywhere in very different colors.
7-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgWe arrived at the Snake Farm. Everything here is created for tourists. Paths, lighters, sculptures, flowers.
8-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg9-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg10-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgEverything is located around the pond.
11-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg12-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg13-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgHere are snakes. If we raise and eat chicken, they do the same with snakes.
14-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg15-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgThere is a restaurant on the farm where you can taste snake dishes. We went to another restaurant nearby. We went to this one!
16-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgWe come in. You may also try a varan dish...
17-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg.....or a duck dish...
18-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgYou may also try vodka aged on snakes.
19-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgWe go upstairs.
20-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgThe interior around is good:
21-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpg22-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgHere you can also buy vodka with a snake and scorpion inside. At the airport in the duty-free store prices are twice higher, and on the market in Vietnam and Cambodia, you can buy it twice cheaper.
23-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgNow we have dinner.
We ordered a snake. If the group is big, it is possible to order a whole snake. It would be killed and prepared in front of you. I understand all the cruelty of the modern world: everybody eats everybody. But I didn't watch it and took no photos.

We were served a snake soup, roasted pieces of snake, raw snake's heart, and tincture of snakes, roasted skin, and snake's blood mixed with vodka.

I only tried soup, roasted pieces, and skin. It tastes like shrimp, especially when roasted with onion and seasonings. You dip cucumbers in the sesame seeds here.
Such dinner costs nearly 20 dollars per person. We bought bottles with snakes and scorpions for presents. 
24-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgAfter the meal, we went back to Hanoi.
25-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgWe asked our driver to stop near the shop to buy tea and coffee for presents.
26-hanoi-snakes-p6.jpgAuthor: Capi4ca
Source: capi4ca.livejournal.com
Translated by: Vera Lungol

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