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Hanoi, Vietnam. The Temple Of Literature

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 20th, 2016

Temple of Literature



, dedicated to Confucius, was built in 1070 by Emperor Li Thanh Tong. In 1076, the first University in Vietnam was opened nearby. The building of the university was destroyed, but the temple has been preserved very well.
1hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg2hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg3hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThe architecture is traditional. There was a series of gates one after the other: first Van Mieu Mon (in the first photo), then this gate - Dai Trung Mon, and then Khue Van Cac. And there was a shrine at the end. The territory was well-groomed, so it was pleasant to wander through all the courtyards.
4hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg5hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg6hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThe Gate Khue Van is depicted on the 100,000 dongs bank note.
7hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgBehind the gates, there is a small pond. The stelas with the names of graduates who successfully passed the exams was installed on both sides of the pond.
8hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgStone turtles carry the stelas on their backs. 
9hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgPassing through another gate, you find yourself in San Dai Bai square. In front, there’s the Dai Bai Duong pavillion, with a statue of Confucius. 
10hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg11hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg12hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg13hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg14hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThe pavilion stops here, there's no further passage. So, I went out back.
15hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg16hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg17hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgHere’s a view of the pavilion, where Confucius was placed.
18hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg19hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgBehind the Dai Bai Duong pavillion, there was a large building called Nha Tien Duong va Hau Duong.
20hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg21hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThere’s a drum tower on the right, and the bell tower on the left. In the photo, there are fire extinguishers. The buildings are wooden and therefore susceptible to fire, as visitors can light incense. There are even notices in some shrines that incense cannot be used when it is hot or windy.
22hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg23hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg24hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgOh, you can ascend the pavilion. 
26hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg27hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg28hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg29hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg30hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThis is a drum tower.
31hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgThis is a bell tower. By the way, it was cast in 2000, so it's a remake.
32hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgHere’s a detail of the roof. In my opinion a very beautiful, elegant detail, without any frills. Beijing shrines irritated me with the riot of colors and excessive details. I think the Chinese do not know the measure of anything. Here, everything is modest and tasteful.
33hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgI went back to the exit.
34hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg35hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpg36hanoi-vietnam-temple-of-literature.jpgI liked that place. The territory was not big, but it wasn't small either. The atmosphere was very pleasant. In one of the pavilions, you can listen to traditional music being played on national instruments. The shrine has several names, but the 

Temple of Literature

 is the most common name. I highly recommend a visit here.
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
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