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Hanoi, Vietnam. Three Shrines And Prison

Nefer • 4 minutes read • October 20th, 2016
I'll continue talking about the Tay Ho neighborhood. Let us start with the Pho Linh pagoda in 


. In my opinion, it is not really a pagoda, but a shrine. But the most interesting thing is that there is no information about this place on the Internet at all.
1hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg2hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThis is a monk.
3hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgEverything was bright and festive.
4hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg5hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgWe walked through the territory, stuck our noses into several nooks. And no one said a word.
6hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThere was a garden in the backyard.
7hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThe territory was small, but there were a lot of different areas. As I understood, this was the hall of a prayer for the dead.
8hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg9hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgI thought it was a beautiful romantic gazebo. But it turned out to be a tomb...
10hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg"Thich Dam Thanh" was written on the plate. As my companion explained, this was translated as "the Monks’ Chief," or the "Buddhist leader" and so on. His explanation was ridiculous. But it was clear that this man was a significant personality.
11hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg12hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThen we went around the area. There were detached houses behind fences. Here’s one:
13hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgWe came back to the Tran Quoc pagoda. Unfortunately, it was closed.
14hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThe pagoda is located on the peninsula. This is one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam, built between 541 and 548.
15hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg16hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg17hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThen we went to a prison. I mean 

Hoa Lo prison

. It was built by the French at the end of the 19th century to punish the Vietnamese independence fighters. Later it became a prison for criminals. And during the war with the United States, American pilots were imprisoned there. Currently, almost all the buildings have been destroyed, and modern buildings have taken their place.  But a few rooms have been left as part of the museum.
18hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThere was music playing in the wards. It was very unpleasant; creaking and depressing, which created a morose atmosphere. By the way, the Americans gave nicknamed the prison "Hanoi Hilton". John McCain, who ran for the presidency of the United States in 2008, was imprisoned there.
19hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThis was the women's ward.
20hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg21hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg22hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThere is a memorial site in the territory of the museum. A piece of new Hanoi Tower can be seen behind it.
23hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg24hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgIn the museum, you can see the personal belongings of the prisoners.
25hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThere were rooms dedicated to the memory of the victims from different times.
26hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg27hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgIn the end, we visited the 

Quan Su pagoda

. It wasn't far from the prison. The shrine was built in the 17th century, for the reception of envoys from Buddhist countries. At the moment, this is the official center of the Buddhist community in Hanoi.
28hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg29hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThis is the entrance gate from the back side.
30hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThe area was also small.
31hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg32hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg33hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpg34hanoi-vietnam-three-shrines-anda-prison.jpgThe sight with the old spirit was interesting.
Author: Nefer
Source: neferjournal.livejournal.com
Translated by: 

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