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Harry Potter And Universal Studio Japan in Osaka

Barmoska • 4 minutes read • April 18th, 2016
Recently I got the opportunity to visit one of the main attractions in 


Universal Studio

, a theme park after the films of this movie company. I offer you a few photos with the new attraction - the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter.
Unfortunately, I was there during a short period of time and didn't manage to take photos of all the fun, but I think all this waits for me.
This is the main castle on the territory of the Harry Potter attraction:

But let's start from the entrance. It's warm and sunny on the street, about 24 degrees Celsius:

We're buying a ticket:

Permanent tickets' owners are photographed at the entrance for them not to be able to give or sell the ticket to someone else:

It was before Halloween, so the streets were decorated with themed ornaments:

People are strolling along the streets of the park:

Many people do the Hallowe'en make-up:

Pink Panther is on a post in front of its little shop:

And here we came to visit Harry Potter:

Certainly, the snow is artificial, but it looks very realistic:

People are buying the bibation:

Here's an employee of the train to Hogwarts:

And here's the train itself:

He's checking something:

Such wavy houses and chimneys:

Owls left their marks everywhere:

There are a lot of different shops outside:

And inside:

In this store you can buy a wand of any hero of the stories about Harry Potter:

Somewhere inside the castle:

As it should be, portraits are with talking figures. But only the lower ones:

People have fun on the mini-roller coasters:

Meanwhile the sun was rapidly sinking, and it became dark:

Here is a stand-pipe with drinking water. Only a photocell shows its belonging to the present:

Here is the sweets store:

Although, there are no candies with different odious tastes. Just sweets of the other type:

And some more photos from the park:

Minions are still a trend:

And how can it be without this car from "Back to the Future" movie?

Here are local beauties:

People are relaxing on the lawn:

And a few more photos of the park in the evening:
Author: Barmoska
Source: barmoska.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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