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Harvard University, USA. P.2.

Gian Luka • 4 minutes read • October 25th, 2015
Streets of 


near the 

Harvard University

Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston.

Alleys of Cambridge. Everything around is about 

Harvard University

. Beautiful architecture!

The building of the Harvard daily student newspaper "The Harvard Crimson". 

Street performance in the city:

The statue of Charles Sumner, American politician who led the antislavery movement.

The First Parish Church on Harvard Square.

The First Parish Church - view from the side of the Harvard Yard.

The streets of Cambridge.

Coming to Harvard Yard.

Harvard Yard.

How clean! During breaks, students of Harvard University go to the park, relax on lawns, and read their notes leaning on the trees! Dream!

'The Monument of Three Lies':

As you can see, people are resting on the lawn.

They're walking around the park.

The steeple of one of the main buildings of the Harvard University.

We laid on the grass enjoying the sky... Later, we went towards the downtown Boston, we had to leave for New York soon.

I loved Harvard University. I believe many people would like to study there, at least I would. Based on what I saw, 'student life'  doesn't only revolve around living in dorms, partying, and studying, but also extracurricular activities that will help later in life. Just take into account their daily newspaper, and there are plenty of other clubs and organizations at Harvard University. In general, this is true for many US universities.
I was also very impressed by Harvard Yard - a perfect 'student town' with beautiful architecture! In some way, it reminded me of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. Although, it would be more accurate to remember 'Mind Games', for example.

Light summer drizzle started and we headed back to the metro...
Author: Gian Luka
Source: gianluka.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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