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Helicopter Trip Over Dubai

Sergey Dolya • 6 minutes read • March 31st, 2016

I rented a helicopter in 


 and flew over most of the city including: the World complex, the Palm Jumeirah (under construction), the Atlantis Hotel, over the city skyscrapers, the Sheikh's stables, the Burj Al Arab, the largest shopping center 

Mall of Dubai

, and, of course, I flew near the tallest building in the world - Burj Dubai.
For this trip I rented Eurocopter EC130. Generally, it holds 6 passengers - 2 in the front and 4 in the back but you can't always be assured a seat in the front.  So I chartered the entire helicopter:

If you look at the map, we started our tour in the lower right corner, flying above the river and then to the left over the complex of artificial islands named "The World". We also flew over the Palm Jumeirah and around the Atlantis hotel. Behind the Palm we went down on the map and then back over the mainland and all of the city's skyscrapers.

In the foreground is the Dubai Golf Club and in the distance, in the center, you can see the Dubai Airport. To the left of the skyscrapers is Sharjah:

Dubai Creek. In the foreground, the new green line metro. 

This is the area of Bur Dubai and further away is Port Rashid:

The ship on the right - with the orange smokestack - is 

Queen Elizabeth 2

which is planned to be turned into a luxury hotel and moored at the Palm Jumeirah. The area to the right  is the third palm - Palm Deira, who's construction has temporarily stopped:

On the left is the second-largest private yacht in the world, owned by the Sheikh of Dubai (the largest one belongs to Roman Abramovich), and on the right is its supporting ship:

The World complex of artificial islands:

The bigger Islands at the bottom is Australia. There are plans to build a complex of hotels here:

Each island is a kind of country or continent. For example, below is the UK and Ireland, and the group in the distance is Greenland:

South America:

One island seen below has been built up and is fully functional:

Initially it was used for advertising, then the sheikh gave it to his daughter:

I wasn't allowed to take a photo with me because I could shoot Sheikh quarters. So I had to enhance the island from the previous photo:

Only 30% of the islands (according to the pilot) had been sold at that time:

Flew past the symbol of Dubai - Burj Al Arab Hotel:

Flew to the Palm with the Atlantis hotel:

We made a circle around Atlantis. The first monorail in the Middle East leads to it:

At that moment I thought, 'Oh, maybe we should celebrate the New Year in this hotel?" Upon returning I was surprised to find out that there were no available rooms on their website. I asked my travel agent but the result discouraged me. One week in this hotel with my wife and children would cost $12,480. I had to abandon this idea:

We flew along the skyscrapers of Dubai Marina area and our hotel:

At the end of the skyscrapers, residential Dubai ends and the industrial zone begins, so we took a left and flew back. To the left is the Jumeirah Park area, to the right is Discovery Gardens. The Arabian Canal will be between the districts. The round pit at the bottom right is the outline for a new building that will be 3937 feet (1.200 meters) high:

Here are the "Lakes", "Meadows", "Springs" and "Jumeirah Islands" districts:

Tecom area:

Sheikh's golf club:

Sheikh's stable. Here the horses are trained. After training the horses are cooled in the elongated pool built specially for them. The Sheikh loves his horses:

In the foreground you can see the Mall of Emirates with a huge silver pipe of the indoor ski slope:

Wasteland to the right is the Dubai Police Academy. Its going to be demolished and a new district will be built in its place:

There are a lot of industrial buildings between Dubai Marina and Burj Dubai. In the future they are going to be demolished, and a building taller than 3280 feet (1 kilometer) is going to be built:

We are coming to the new symbol of Dubai - the tallest building in the world at 2683 feet (818-meters) - Burj Dubai:

One of the huge, flat and low buildings behind the Burj Dubai is the largest shopping centers in the world - the Dubai Mall with a giant aquarium inside. Dark circles in the pool are the fountains. Every evening fantastic fountain shows are held. It was made by the same company that constructed buildings in Las Vegas, only on a larger scale:

This is a picture that everyone liked so much:

The central road of Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road. You can see the twin Emirates Towers:
Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Translated by: Gian Luka

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