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Helicopter Trip To The Glacier

Sergey Dolya • 4 minutes read • April 13th, 2016

15 minutes by helicopter, and we landed on the glacier tongue. This is one of the largest glaciers of


. Its length is 50 kilometers and the width is 3 km. It is constantly on the move and it drags huge boulders from the tops of the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Most of all I like the glaciers' amazing blue glow, coming up to the surface from under the thin blanket of snow. It creates the feeling that you are in some kind of children's fairy tale...

Before the flight we were given a special glacial shoes that we put on over our shoes:

Unfortunately, this time I got a place on the back seat, and it was very difficult to take pictures:

Glacier steadily recedes, leaving a gorge (fjord):

The ice of the glacier formed not like the ice in our refrigerator. Once upon a time 30 meters of snow fell here every winter. It didn't manage to melt in the summer so snowy feather bed continued to grow up. The lower layers of snow under the weight of the upper ones were pressed so that they turned into ice. This ice is 20 times harder than ice in our refrigerator.

The surface of the glacier is covered with mud and stones - the top layer of ice melts and the dirt remains. Over time, there appears a lot of it, so the glacier looks very dirty:

Water has one feature: when there is a lot of it - it becomes blue. Think of the sea - it is blue, but if you get water out of the sea in your hands, it would be transparent. The same happens with ice. If it's an ice cube out of the fridge, it is white and transparent, and if it is a huge glacier, we will see it in blue:

If there is a stone stair under the glacier, then in order to slide down the glacier cracks and the split forms:

Some of them are very deep. We threw in one of the holes the stone with the size of a large watermelon, and it was flying down for 5 seconds:

Streams run along the glacier. Meltwater flows down forming a river:

Glacier turns the stones under it into the dust. This stone dust makes the river muddy. But if it settles, it becomes emerald:

That is why the ocean near the glacier is also painted in emerald green color:

Tomorrow I will tell you about the

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Author: Sergeydolya
Source: sergeydolya.livejournal.com
Translated by: Gian Luka

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