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Hobart City In Tasmania

mff • 3 minutes read • February 19th, 2017
Tasmania is similar to the one-storied America, but there are eucalyptus forests.
1hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgThe city of


(population of 200,000) is located in the south of the island, and it looks like Alaska.
4hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg5hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgThe air temperature in Tasmania rarely rises above 24 ° C and never falls below zero.
6hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg7hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgThere are 2 draw bridges in the harbor of


. Here's a lift one:
8hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgHere's a turnable bridge:
9hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgWhen you leave the city of Hobart and go to its outskirts, the area quickly becomes wild. The residents of the villages drive pickups, wear a plaid shirt and rest in bars.
10hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg11hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg12hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg13hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg125 km west of Hobart, in the area of Huon, there is a national park Hastings Caves State Reserve: hot, 28°C springs, caves, and platypus. The main thing is to come earlier 6 p.m. otherwise, you won't be permitted to visit.

Port Arthur

(founded in 1830) is located 60 km southeast of Hobart. This is the main tourist attraction of Tasmania. The British banished their criminals to Australia, and in Port Arthur got those ones, who did not mend ways even in Australia.
15hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg16hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpgAnnual regatta from Sydney (1200 km, 2 days floating) finishes in Hobart in late December, so the entire port of Hobart clogs with sailing yachts.
17hobart-city-in-tasmania.jpg Author: mff
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