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Hollywood Sketches

Uritsk Andrey • 5 minutes read • May 3rd, 2016
The city of 


, the center of the film industry for the whole world, was originally a small Christian suburb of 

Los Angeles

 where there were no saloons or gambling houses. Everything changed in 1913, when Cecil B. DeMille filmed his film "The Squaw Man" at the corner of Vine Street and Selma Street. Over the next few decades, studios began to open one after another, and the district turned into a realm of wealth and glamor. In the recent past, the district briefly fell into disarray but these days, it has recaptured some of its formal glory. Hollywood is the heart of the nightlife in Los Angeles, and 

Hollywood Boulevard

is one of the most famous streets in the world.
I do not generally pay attention to the world of the film industry or show business, however, I do know of some famous actors. After all, I have seen many Hollywood movies, most of which were blockbuster hits! So, being in LA, of course, we visited Hollywood for a while. In general (girls are not allowed to read this!), my advice to guys is if you travel to Los Angeles with your girlfriend, distance yourselves from Hollywood like you would from fire . . . once you get there you could spend an entire week visiting all of the stores, including clothing, cosmetics, movie stars and other trinkets! One of the charms of being a chronic bachelor :)  
Alright, let's head to Hollywood!
The "Hollywood" sign is a symbol of the film industry that is recognized worldwide. It was installed on one of the Hollywood Hills in 1923, designating the building of a new district "Hollywoodland". In 1949, the "land" part was removed and in the late 70's, thanks to a hefty donation of $27,000, the old letters were replaced with new ones. To this day, the "Hollywood" sign adorn the city. 

We arrived at the famous Hollywood Boulevard, which is 3 miles (5 km) long. At its center is the Hollywood Walk of Fame; the floor is covered in stars that have been engraved with the names of famous actors, musicians and other artists.

Here's the star of Sylvester Stallone.

And we couldn't leave without a picture of Marilyn Monroe's star!  

These tall people performed for the kids.

The "Hard Rock Cafe" chain is known all over the world. The most famous "Hard Rock Cafe" is here in Hollywood.

Here are bikers...

This is the famous Chinese Theatre, next to which is the no less famous Kodak Theatre (now known as the Dolby Theatre), where "Oscars" are awarded.

Here is a bas-relief of Charlie Chaplin, at the entrance of the "Roosevelt Hotel":

On Hollywood Boulevard there are many famous characters - Mickey Mouse, Batman, Terminator, Spider-Man - you can see them all here! 

More stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Mickey Mouse and Little Mermaid gladly took photos with tourists for a fee. If you don't pay, the reaction below is common.  

These actors are, apparently, from some comics.

There are a lot of villas in Hollywood. This is the rich, luxurious district, and the atmosphere here is completely different than in the low-rise neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

This is the subway station in Los Angeles - "Hollywood Highland".

At the end, I'll show you several pictures of Hollywood at night. 
Author: Uritsk
Source: uritsk.livejournal.com
Translated by: Olesya Zhukova

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