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Holy Cross Church

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The Holy Cross Church (Spanish: Iglesia de la Santa Cruz) Also Hanga Roa Church Or simply Catholic Church of Hanga Roa is the name that receives a religious building affiliated with the Catholic Church that is in the «Te Pito Te Henua» Street in the city of Hanga Roa, the capital and greater city of the Easter Island, a Territory of Chile in the Pacific Ocean.

The temple that follows the Roman or Latin rite was established in 1937 being its first priest Father Sebástian Englert. The building stands out for its external decoration and the gardens that surround it. Mainly remarkable is its facade that mixes Christian religious motifs and native elements.

It offers masses in Spanish and you can hear songs in the Rapa Nui language. In the inner part there are images carved locally that represent Christian saints, Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The religious services are attended by both Catholic faithful and tourists attracted by the architecture of the site.

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