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Honduras. Roatan Island

o_l_g_a_r_i • 4 minutes read • August 4th, 2016
Recently, I was reading about crime rates in different countries. It turned out that a short time ago, I had visited (without even knowing) the most crime-ridden country in the world . . . 


Good thing that I did not know it during my visit because can you imagine how scared I would have been the entire trip?
1roatanisland-honduras.jpgBut this was just a statistic.
We did not notice anything dangerous in Honduras. The reason being, probably, that we visited a tourist island.
We arrived at the island called 


. A T-shirt with the text "Where the hell Roatan is?" was one of the most popular souvenirs there.
However, there were also good diving sites, and cruise ships continuously anchored there as well . . .
2roatanisland-honduras.jpg3roatanisland-honduras.jpgEverything seemed so quaint :) There were houses painted in bright colors and ready to host tourists :)
4roatanisland-honduras.jpgWe arrived at the island in a couple of hours before the official time of debarkation, so we admired the island for a while from a distance.
After, we took a taxi and drove around the island. Our first stop was at an observation deck.
5roatanisland-honduras.jpgThen we stopped at a local supermarket to buy something to satisfy our thirst (beer) and revive our spirits (rum) :)
Besides that, we also went to see the works of local craftsmen. 
6roatanisland-honduras.jpgWe passed by the residences of wealthy locals, with private beaches and security.
Actually, there were no special sights on the island. So we decided to go to the local botanical garden, which was one of many there.  
7roatanisland-honduras.jpg8roatanisland-honduras.jpg9roatanisland-honduras.jpg10roatanisland-honduras.jpg11roatanisland-honduras.jpg12roatanisland-honduras.jpg13roatanisland-honduras.jpgNext, we stopped at a local zoo that had a few aviaries, inside which one could go and “play” with local animals that sometimes behaved quite mischievously . . . 
14roatanisland-honduras.jpg15roatanisland-honduras.jpg16roatanisland-honduras.jpg17roatanisland-honduras.jpg18roatanisland-honduras.jpg19roatanisland-honduras.jpg20roatanisland-honduras.jpg21roatanisland-honduras.jpg22roatanisland-honduras.jpg23roatanisland-honduras.jpg24roatanisland-honduras.jpg25roatanisland-honduras.jpg26roatanisland-honduras.jpgSo, this was our trip to 


But if you wish, you can simply go to the beaches, which are plenty there!
Author: o-l-g-a-r-i
Source: o-l-g-a-r-i.livejournal.com
Translated by: Zoozi

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